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10/16 c8 yudhazebba
9/18 c1 3632
Seriously brother Tsuta it is an injustice to start such a story and not end it.
9/6 c8 vparadox12122000
Awsome story, hope one day this gets a new chapter.
8/26 c8 Guest
What’s next?
8/22 c8 APridefulSin
now I'm curious on who the soul king is... brother in all but blood leaves a couple of options...
8/17 c8 3632
I was very interested in this story. When will the next chapter be?
8/16 c5 Guest
It will be really interesting.
8/10 c8 dragonlord4546
please continue this story it was a great story when i first read and its still a greats story after reading it 10 times
8/9 c2 26epic insanity666
dayum son when is more coming out
7/28 c8 Hector
Damn this is a really good series please finish it
7/22 c8 georgy.dsu
Hello, will you continue this fanfic? Hope you will, It’s really good.
7/12 c8 killerbee12332
is this story discontinued?
6/15 c8 1Endknight99
Hello, could I adopt this Fanfic I have some pretty good ideas. Here's a rundown

doing the Captain battle

Naruto and Hinata's Zanpaktou

Getting into Aizen, arrancars, and Ywach

Harry Potter

Tobirama/Mei teaching magic

Harry potter story with the help of Ichigo

Black Clover

Itachi uses naruto's jutsu to turn back time with Nao as they meet the Black clover characters

Story changes a secret ;)

Jujutsu Kaisen

Minato and Kushina in America

Story changes still a secret

I have more plans but you'll just have to wait and see! Peace!
6/4 c1 caro-anju
Please update. I love history please
4/18 c7 uchiha-rune
Wasn’t rukia in the prison? How would she know ichigo was fighting and ai thought tatsuki was the one there?
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