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5/24/2018 c1 haylE15
"Maybe you should kiss her next time, and stop letting me kiss the people you like first."
That was the best line here xD Sweet one shot and yeah we all wished Sam kissed Cat instead of Melanie but we shall see what we wanna see.
11/25/2013 c1 9Esthernight
Love it
11/25/2013 c1 2u r awesome
Ahhhh! I also died when I watched the episode... Then I looked for it online just to rewatch the kiss over and over again. So I died multiple times, but at least I died extremely happy! ;) :D :P
I love your story! This is definitely how I think the episode should have ended! With Puckentine!
Too bad it was Melanie who kissed Cat... It shoulda been Sam! :(
Oh well we can keep dreaming...
Great job! This story was incredible! I really liked how in character Sam, Melanie, and Cat were! And the part of he-who-must-not-be-mentioned (Freddie ;P) was hilarious! I cracked up! Fantastic writing! I loved how creative and original your story was! Keep up the spectacular writing!
I really enjoyed reading this fic!

u r awesome
11/21/2013 c1 36mlle.imandeus
I loved it. Really captured the spirit of the characters. Not sure what you were doing there making the choice to tell it in the second person, but except for that confusion it was really good.
11/20/2013 c1 Guest
This was amazing... Really want to see a multichapter maybe? Loved it!
11/19/2013 c1 16ClawAtHeart
This was so good! I really really enjoyed it! And I'm hoping that you'll post some of these fics you were talking about because you've definitely got some skill :D and again, awesome job!
11/19/2013 c1 138Lushcoltrane
I was wondering when someone would address that scene... Good job with it too. Thanks.
11/18/2013 c1 BlueBreaker
Wait there are rumors about sam and cat kissing! Tell meh everything!
11/18/2013 c1 141Invader Johnny
Well this was great, in a way Sam owes Melanie, she will probably resent her sister for kissing Cat first but Sam now gets to kiss Cat many times in the future, no?

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
11/18/2013 c1 2Jeremy Shane
Super Chapter &More Please
11/18/2013 c1 Guest
You you you irritating sia change the yous to I it's so much more natural
11/17/2013 c1 11Jakarie
That was excellent, really enjoyed it
11/17/2013 c1 5KirbyPaint
See now THIS is how it should have all went down! XD

All in all, this was a super enjoyable fic. It was cute and well-written, and considering how anxious I was for some Puckentine action (which we got, just [probably] with the wrong Puckett sister) this helped soothe the soft heartache left over from #Twinfection.

Keep on keepin' on!
11/17/2013 c1 1LoveFillsOurHearts
That was beautiful! What a great Puckentine one shot! Vive la Puckentine! :)

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