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for Forever a Cat

10/8 c8 18Pink ranger 13
It’s a great story and awesome
2/11 c8 1Amethyst-Pheonix2003
This story is great! Can't wait to read more
3/23/2019 c8 WCGal01
I love this story I hope there will be more!
3/6/2019 c8 Anna
I love your story I just wish you'd completed it hopefully someday you will I just found it but since it's already 2019 and your last input was 2014 it doesn't look like it will be good luck with your writing your very good
8/22/2018 c8 Null
More, please? :-)
4/14/2018 c8 1phoenixfire567
oh my god continue this its awesome.
3/28/2018 c8 earthdragon
The overwhelming impression I get from this story is what an oaf Gibbs is. First he wastes time by having a team meeting in the lift. Really! Five people crammed into that little cubicle, all invading each other's space. It's just as well Tim had already been turned into a cat. Then Gibbs proves his oafishness by constantly head-slapping Tony every time he uttered a word and then proves himself an animal abuser by head-slapping Tim the cat. I don't know why Tony thought Gibbs would be any help anyway, since he never listens to anyone, and the only thing that will kill those witches is sunlight, not bullets. Gibbs' usual scare tactics of shouting and staring will definitely not work. But then Tony never listens to Tim, otherwise they could have gone to the nearest cemetery and put Tim's plans into action (whatever they are). Still, it's a moot point really, since this story has been abandoned since 2014. Shame, as it has potential and is well written.
11/28/2017 c8 Guest
I love this! It’s so cute and creative and I’m a huge fan of both McGee AND Hocus Pocus so combining the two is just! Excellent! I know it’s been a few years but I’d just like to say that I really enjoyed reading what you have up and that you brightened my day! 3
8/8/2017 c8 Miles6
Please update soon it is a wonderful fic!
6/11/2017 c8 Guest
Please finish it. This story is really good.
3/20/2017 c8 Happy
I am in love with this fic! Hope to see more one day:-)
12/21/2016 c8 Guest
Please update love the story
10/25/2016 c8 Cheshire shadow
I guess you fell on the sword so many others fell on: the blade of non updated hangers. Still this is a great story and it's perfect for tonight because I just finished the movie.
10/25/2016 c2 Cheshire shadow
This can't end well. Although if he becomes a cat who can talk again he can guide them.
10/23/2016 c8 Guest
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