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6/8/2019 c1 152Linneagb
Aw. Well, this is the last of your writings I hadn't read but it's all so perfect. I love seeing Kirsten like this and comfort when Ryan's just broken. And it's perfect how Ryan would believe he'll be going to a group home. And I love it, I love your writing... I just love it. Thank you.
11/25/2018 c1 Tilty.bbb
Fantastic one shot well done
8/31/2017 c1 152Ally R. Swan
This was lovely. I loved this.
6/9/2016 c1 Guest
Aww this was so needed. I wish they had more time in the episode. But great story. Hopefully there will be a other story of them learning to be family?
8/29/2014 c1 Little Chicago
love this

God bless
7/29/2014 c1 sniperbob18
I really wish they could have had this in the episode - it was so needed. At least we have ! Thank you so much for writing this. Really great story and bonding moment between Kirsten and Ryan
11/22/2013 c1 10matthewsbj
Thank you so much for this "missing scene". There were a couple of these types of scenes that were integral to the formation or strengthening of the new Cohen family that were overlooked. This was definitely a scene that should have taken place to show the establishment of one of the relationships Ryan so eagerly desired.

His father had probably been in prison long enough for him to adjust to not having one (not to overlook Ryan's relationship with Sandy which was equally important). Although not the best mother, Dawn had always been a part of his life; he needed her. Ryan needed Kirsten to be a mother to him, even if she never verbally acknowledged acceptance of that role to him. He may have actually rejected that idea if she had said something to him initially. She needed to accept the role in her mind and heart for her actions to be properly motivated. I know that she did acknowledge him as her son, at least in season 2 with other people (like Lindsay), but I think at some point she and/or Sandy should have made that abundantly clear to him, at least after he came back from Chino between seasons 1 & 2.

I have always enjoyed stories here involving family bonding. Thanks again for this one shot.
11/20/2013 c1 guest
I'm with you on this and many more bridges or just what I couldn't believe was left out because it was so crucial, or what I figured had to be coming. There were so many disappointments for good, emotional interactions that would have been so amazing to watch and just were necessary, at least in my book.

Oh how I wish we got to see this one play out, either Sandy going to Ryan's aid, which made lots of sense, with Kirsten torn and kind of paralyzed, not ready, or maybe even ashamed and embarrassed by how she'd acted just a little, or miracle of miracles, with Kirsten stepping up. That really would have changed things for Ryan and given him something to fall back on when Kirsten would leave him guessing all the time in the future. I think I like the idea of things being easier for the poor kid. God knows he needed it. Not doubting himself because of Kirsten for years would have been a big improvement in his life.

I know we don't Ryan's account or viewpoint, but you really describe him very well, especially considering it's Kirsten who sees him and she really doesn't know him at all.
11/18/2013 c1 Guest
Thanks so much for this. Of all the many, many most essential missing scenes, this is one of the earliest and most consequential and necessary. I definitely wished that Kirsten could have been just a little bit like this too. Wishful thinking to the extreme. No matter how many mixed and contradicting signals she'd send Ryan to reinforce all of the wrong assumptions she'd made about him and or ways she'd keep him off balance and feed his insecurities as someone on borrowed time in her house, it would have really important if he'd had something like this. No matter how many times Dawn had hurt him, knowing that she was leaving him for good with strangers and a woman who didn't think much of him and didn't want him around had to be embarrassing and cruel and just plain terrifying. Strike a blow to remind a kid again that he was worth nothing.

I'd always wondered what really happened and figured that Kirsten stood there frozen and either Sandy came outside and took control or that she went in search of him to handle it. I wished we'd seen how he had, but I didn't think Kirsten had the desire or the courage that you give her here. I wish she did!

Thanks for making her stronger and more compassionate. You convey her inner conflict very well. Even better is how you write Ryan as she finally really sees him as he is, not as she'd wanted to for her own purposes before. His silence says way more than words, but when he speaks, he chooses and uses words very precisely. Then there's what his expression and posture says very clearly while he tries to hold himself together. Excellent job!
11/18/2013 c1 anon
Very well done. I always wanted the same bridge, something to fill what was such an obvious, gaping vacuum that seemed to be begging to be addressed. I never quite understood how the most significant moments that demanded attention weren't acknowledged while so much time could be wasted on what was so inconsequential.

This would have made all the difference and if Kirsten had behaved slightly remotely like this (instead of so coldly, accusingly, judgmentally and distantly or just floundered helplessly), she would have raised her own stock substantially and opened the door for the possibility to be someone who was concerned and cared about Ryan going forward, not someone who reluctantly and suspiciously tolerated him to appease Sandy or Seth or her nagging conscious that she couldn't quite quash.

Terrific characterization of Ryan down to the body language and pacing and tone. The poor kid, whatever he'd expected (or not) from Dawn, had to beyond humiliated to have that unfold in front of Kirsten before he could process things to prepare himself for the next inevitable step.

I hope that you'll consider exploring some of the many hundreds or thousands of other opportunities like this.

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