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11/1/2017 c11 Hailstorm
Holy shit this is an amazing story. You have some many stories in it and it goes along with every possible situation in the actual series it’s amazing. Don’t stop this story keep writing on and on.
3/9/2015 c11 20Seseorang
Considering this story's darkness I think my hopes on the two trios getting friendly and just kick the government's and the Savages' asses together won't come true...or at least maybe not soon. Still, it's the darkness of this story that makes me fond, and of course the witty remarks here and there, especially the ones Levi has said in this chapter. I'm glad you're back from your hiatus and present us with a good chapter, and somehow the Erwin - Nile interactions make me happy. Maybe it's because we don't get to see much good!Nile.
3/7/2015 c11 10JasonVUK
:O This can only end badly! :C
3/7/2015 c11 36tentsubasa
If these six are going to work together, they're off to an AWFUL start. XD I feel so sorry for Bertolt. Will they hopefully become friends soon? (AruAni would be hard to pull off if they don't. ;) )

It was interesting to get more of a look into the internal affairs of the castle and stuff. I look forward to seeing how all of that plays out.

It's admittedly been a long time since I've read the earlier chapters and Eren's been roaming around a lot and half-starving, but he seems a lot more...I don't know, cruel than I remember. I hope his sense of justice is still stronger than his desire to be absolved of desertion since Annie, Bertolt, and Reiner didn't actually kill the king.
3/6/2015 c10 10JasonVUK
:I Fuck the Reiss'. They suck! 8C

:O Are Mikasa and Eren dead?

:D And yay Reiner found Armin :3
3/6/2015 c9 JasonVUK
*rolls eyes* Damn it Mikasa. :/
3/6/2015 c8 JasonVUK
:o Dragon!
3/6/2015 c7 JasonVUK
:I I don't trust the Reiss'
3/5/2015 c4 JasonVUK
o.o Hmm cool so far.
3/5/2015 c3 JasonVUK
:o The Werewolf! Then, Eren can't be the Werewolf. :c Awww
3/5/2015 c2 JasonVUK
:O Oh so it was a troll, I'm guessing (hoping) Eren is the Werewolf :3
3/5/2015 c1 JasonVUK
was that creature the Werewolf? D:
9/28/2014 c1 Guest
review dropped
7/10/2014 c10 36tentsubasa
I'm so, so glad that Armin and Annie will soon be reunited. Which is probably kind of dumb since that really shouldn't be the main point of the story, but...I can't quite bring myself to care. :D

Looking forward to the next update.
7/10/2014 c9 tentsubasa
I just noticed all the different parallels you drew in this to the original. Nicely done! I thought this back in chapter one too, but while I understand that this being the Medieval Ages, it kind of had to be Christians that're the bad guys here, I wish you'd made up some parallel religion instead. Worship of the emperor or something like that.
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