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12/10/2014 c24 RhymeofRain
It was good ride while it lasted!
11/21/2014 c23 KuroFairyChan
I think you should restart/do a diff atory eith new ocs
11/17/2014 c23 16mindmaster123
Do what you think is the best. If you think that you should delete this story and rewrite it in a better version, then go for it, you have my full support :)

I just hope the other readers don't go sending stupid hate-filled messages to you friend.
11/16/2014 c23 13myzor king of war
I don't want you to stop but it is your story your choice
11/16/2014 c23 1SaiyanIncubus
Can you please make a new guild or maybe continue with new OC's as I have quite a few OC's ranging from different ages, mostly guys, and I also need some advice on three that are in progress.
11/16/2014 c23 6Yaw6113
Continue pleasse.
11/16/2014 c23 RhymeofRain
Well, if the new story will have the OC's and such, I'm one with it. As for what to do with Team Apex, if it's going to go down, it's taking a few things with it! XD
10/8/2014 c3 Kirameki Nova
Name: Yuki Kaze

Gender: Female

Magic: Snow and Ice Dragon Slayer, Wind Dragon Slayer (Snow and Ice Dragon: Koori, Wind Dragon: Typhoon)

Eye Color: Right eye - Ice blue, Left eye - Black (Using snow and ice dragon force - Both eyes become ice blue, Using wind dragon force - Both eyes become black)

Hair Color: Black thigh length layered and straight hair, tied in a high ponytail with a chin length fringe over right eye

Skin Tone: Pale (Not sickly pale)

Build: Slight athletic build

Weapons: Twin pistols, twin katanas (One has a icy blue hilt with a white ribbon at the end, a diamond shaped guard made of ice, and a silver blade. Another has a black hilt with a white ribbon at the end, a diamond shaped guard made of wind unless sheathed, and a black blade. Their sheaths are black and always strapped like an X on her back unless casual in which case she carries her pistols)

History: Abandoned by her family and friends and found by Koori and Typhoon who taught her magic before they disappeared with the other dragons

Clothes: Battle/Standard - Black tank top, white short shorts, black combat boots, black fingerless gloves with metal plates on top, and black scarf, Casual - Black rolled up button up, black skinny jeans, black ankle boots, black fingerless gloves with metal plates on top, and black scarf, Formal - Black thigh length spaghetti strap dress with a longer back, a white thick belt, and black heels

Swimsuit: Black bikini with white flip flops

Seems interesting! Keep on updating!
9/12/2014 c22 2Zstar1
Please update soon!
8/1/2014 c22 13myzor king of war
I hope you can update soon I really like this story.
Also I got another 2 OC's

Name Summit highpeek the Wind Dragonslayer:
Gender Male:
Age 13:
Eye Color: Sky blue eyes
Hair Color: cloud white
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Slim
Clothes: Short sleeved black hooded jacket, black gloves with purple designs in the back of his hand, black boots, brown pants, sandals.
Swimsuit: Black and purple shorts

History: He lived happily with his family his parents and his little brother till the Tartarus guild came and destroyed him home and killed his family and everyone but him they would have killed him to if not for the arrival of the green wind dragon Z'neth who chased them off. He then adopted Summit impressed by his courage at how he stood up to the dark guild and taught him wind dragon slayer magic. They were separated during a massive wind storm he was then found and taken into the star legion.
Personalty: He is shy and withdrawn dose not say much he will fight to the last breath for those he cares about.
Magic Wind dragonslayer magic:

Wind Dragon Roar: A green blast that shred away anything it hits.
Wind Dragon Breath: He breaths a green smoke that knocks people out.
Wind Dragon Claw: Summit's hands become covered in green scales and his nails claws.
Wind Dragon Arrow: He shoots green arrrows from his palms.
Wind Dragon Bomb: Summit creates green balls of energy that blow up upon touch.

Dragon force: In this form Summit is covered in green scales and grows a pair of wings along with a long tail, a lizard like head and a more muscular body and all his abilities get stronger.

Romance Wendy:

Name Riptor:
Age 36
His fur light green.
cloths he wears blue pants and a grey vest.

He found Summit some time after he was separated from Z'neth and acts as a father to him. He cares deeply for the boy like a son.
He once lived with other Exceeds along side his wife till the queen demanded they and the other parents hand over there eggs he and his wife refused and in the struggle his wife was killed and there egg fell and cracked. He tried to kill the queen but was stopped and banished some time after that he wound up in earthland.
"Personality he is kind and wise and protective of Summit and thinks of him as his own son.
Riptor dose not like other Exceeds and prefers to avoid them he still hates the queen and her followers blaming them for what happened in the past even he learned why they they did what they did.
7/28/2014 c22 2MidnightPhantomFire
I love this story! I have two OCs but I think it's ok because it's my Dragonslayer and her Exceed partner. Please choose me! This OC hasn't been chosen for any if the stories I've sent her profile too yet.

Name: Maya Hawthorne

Gender: female

Magic: Golden Dragonslayer magic (similar to heavenly body magic) also due to extra magic energy being infused in her at birth, she is able to learn other kinds of dragonslayer magic. The only other kind she knows is fire dragonslayer magic that Natsu taught her and its not very powerful. She can also eat the other elements she learns. However the other types of magic she learns are not as powerful as her original type of magic. She can currently eat star energy by collecting it into small orbs that she consumes. However she can only do this at night so that's the only time she can refuel and it also takes a little while to gather the energy. She can eat fire and she prefers to because getting star energy is so hard. She has been known to burst into flames when she is mad. At night she can usually be found on the roof collecting star energy to eat and then she will fall asleep on the roof most of the time.

Magic spells: Golden Dragon Roar (a golden beam of energy)
Golden Dragon Celestial Arrow (a golden bow appears and she shoots magic arrows from it)
Golden Dragon Astral Fist (her hand is surrounded in golden energy as she punches)
Golden Dragon Wing Attack (her wings glow golden and when she flaps them golden wind blades shoot out, she can also fly to her opponent and hit them with her energy charged wings to inflict damage)
Golden Dragon Meteor Shower (meteors rain down from magic circles above her opponent, one of her most powerful attacks and drains her partially)
Golden Dragon Star Shield (a magic circle appears where she wants it too and a golden shield of transparent energy goes up in front of it)
Golden Dragon Celestial Boost (her entire body glows with golden light and her speed is greatly increased, she uses this a lot while flying)
Can also use:
Fire Dragon Roar (learned from Natsu)
Fire Dragon Iron Fist (learned from Natsu)
Fire Dragon Wing Attack (learned from Natsu)

Guild Mark Location and Color: dark green, upper left arm

Eye color: bright green

Hair color: short spiky black hair, often in pigtails

Skin Tone: same as Wendy's, fair skinned

Weapon(If you have one): her "little girl in peril act". She cries and acts weak and afraid and begs her opponent not to hurt her. When he/she lowers their guard to comfort a seemingly small helpless child, she attacks. She thinks their reaction is hilarious. She is skilled with a bow and usually uses the one she can summon.

History: The night she was born, a wizard was experimenting with Aero magic. His spell went wrong and accidentally caused a surge of magic that infused in her causing wings to appear permanently (she can't make them disappear like an Exceed can) and giving her extraordinary magical abilities. Her parents saw the wings and thought she was a mistake and a freak so they brought her to the woods and left her there. She was found by Astriana the Golden Dragon. Astriana raised her from infancy, taught her to fly, and taught her dragonslayer magic. She also gave her one of her golden scales on a necklace that Maya never ever takes off. When Maya was six, Astriana mysteriously disappeared one day. She then began to travel searching for Astriana and she came across an egg. A few days later it hatched and a little yellow she cat with wings came out. She decided to keep her and named her Blaze. After more travel she came across Fairy Tail but did not join saying she wanted to travel more. While she was there she met Natsu and got him to teach her some fire dragonslayer magic. She made friends with some of the guild members (Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Gray, Erza, and Levy) before she left (this was before phantom lord attacked). She recently learned her friend Lucy joined a new guild that has lots of dragonslayers and wants to see if she can join. She is currently traveling toward wherever the Star Legion is at the moment.

Clothes:black shorts, sleeveless dark green shirt, dark brown combat boots, a black bandana she wears around her neck, she has a small gold scale on a chain around her neck that she never takes off. She can be seen playing with it when she is sad or nervous.

Swimsuit: yellow one piece with pink flower pattern

Romance: none
(If wanted)

Personality: She has a bold and outgoing personality and can be reckless. She prefers to use force for a lot of things (like if she can't open a lock she will destroy it). She is very tomboyish and doesn't really like fancy things. If she is looked down on because of anything really (size, wings, etc…) she will tell that person off for it and occasionally set herself on fire in anger. She is very perky and loves laughter and is very loyal to her friends. She loves to fly and be free. She enjoys a good prank and things that explode. She is also quite competitive. She is terrified being confined (physically or magically) and dark guilds.

Other: She has been chased by a dark guild before during her travels. The dark guild master was looking to get his hands on her unique power but she managed to escape. She is on several dark mages and dark guilds wanted lists and has been attacked on a few occasions. She has always managed to escape and doesn't want to think about what might happen if she is captured. She is now quite wary of dark guilds and continues to stay away from them but on occasion she will be confronted with a member from one.

OC 2

Name: Blaze

Race: Exceed

Gender: female

Appearance: yellow with a red tuft of fur on her head and a red streak on the end of her tail. Bright blue eyes. She usually wears tomboyish clothes.

Personality: Similar attitude to Maya's. likes most of the same things too. But she loves fish too.

Magic: aero magic(wing magic)

Other: she is fast and likes racing Maya.
7/20/2014 c22 Guest
Cute I luv it keep writing
7/13/2014 c22 3EmmyHippo
I love your story, do you still need OC's? I'd love to help if you need it, I really like your story, please tell me if you do need any Oc's and I'll help! Please write some more chapters soon! Thank you!
6/11/2014 c3 gliituuuhs
Old Name : Chayee Brose (Chai)

New Name : Gamree Fuslogia (Rees)

Gender : Female

Magic : Dark Dragon Slaying Magic ( Acnologia's Dragon Slayer ) She's strong as Erza, Mira, and Laxus but 1/2 of Gildart's Power but you can make her stronger since Gildart's couldn't defeat Acnologia.

Eye Color : Cyan Blue Eyes, but when she uses her Magic her left eye turns to color black that is pupil-less (Like Hinata's in Naruto) Her bangs hides her left eye. And when she uses Dragon Force or Dark Drive, Both of her eyes turns to color black.

Hair Color : Silver with a little purple. sometimes in braid, highponytail or just down.

Skin Tone : Like Lucy's

Build : Thin but strong. ( Muscular like Erza )

Weapon : Scythe

History : She's in the R system and she escaped, found acnologia and trained for many years and joined Star Legion.

Clothes : any clothes you want.

Swimsuit : Black

Romance : Gray or Rogue
5/28/2014 c3 16mindmaster123
OC 1.

Name: Faust Shadowblade
Nick Names: Demon hunter
Age: 24 years old
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Cyan Blue eyes
Hair Color: Brown Hair similar to Strider Hiryu's
Skin Tone: White
Build: Slightly muscular
Clothes: White undershirt, Black Pants, Black soldier boots, black fingerless gloves and a white trench coat.
Swimsuit: Black Shorts with green lines in the legs.

Story: Faust lived a happy childhood with his family until the Dark Guild Tartarus invade their house and his parents were killed by Jackal. Faust spent the rest of his life training magic by himself and he made some friends and founded the Guild, Justicar, a Guild specialized in hunting and killing criminals, entire Dark Guilds and evil creatures, with him being the Guild Master at the age of 16. But Faust's happiness was short lived for Tartarus returned and killed his Guild members save for two Dragonslayers. Faust and his friends spent the next years as mecenary mages until they met Revan Flame during a Vampire Hunting and they became friends and Faust would later become member of the guild Star Legion, hoping to have revenge on Jackal and Tartarus for all the suffering they caused. Faust's coming caused a lot of confusion in Star Legion due to his fame.

Personality: Faust is a calm and cold person to the point of almost seem emotionless but in fact he is a polite, friendly and honest person making him easy to make friends. Due to what he learned in Apocrypha, Faust gives a lot of importance to friendship and loyalty, all the respect he had for Team Natsu became hatred and contempt after he learned what they did to his friend Lucy. Faust is also disturbingly ruthless and feels no remorse after killing someone that deserves, though he hates when innocent get killed or injured. He also hates when a man hits a woman.

Romance: Lily Smaug

Magic: Exorcist Magic that allows him to use the elements fire, water, air, earth, ice, lightning and wood. He can also transforms into an alternative form that resembles Marvel's Venom to get super strength, enhanced speed and reflexes and he can transform his body to many uses (make tentacles pop out of his back, transform his hands into mouths to eat his opponents, make spider legs appear to climb, make wings appear to fly), and he can use telepathy.

Weapon: Cross like claymore sword made of blessed silver.

OC 2.

Name: Dastan Jahed the Earth Dragonslayer
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years old
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Red haired dreadlocks
Skin Tone: Black
Build: muscular
Clothes: White vest, white pants, sandals, and a white sash in his forehead
Swimsuit: Brown trunks

History: The orphan Dastan was raised by Dahak, a Dragon that lived in the desert and they were a happy family because Dahak didn't disappeared and stood with Dastan until he got older and left to Fiore where he met another Dragonslayer and they later became members of the now extinct Guild, Justicars. Dastan is now a memeber of the guild Star Legion and also seeks revenge on guild Tartarus, and he also became a friend and rival to fellow Dragonslayer Gajeel.

Personality: Dastan is a proud and slightly boastful man and he tends to disobey orders and act recklessly. And he is also sarcastic and ironic most of the time and is a womanizer and tends to flirt even with engaged girls.


Earth Dragon Roar: He blows a powerful sandstorm.
Earth Dragon Diamond Scales: He coats himself in diamond scales that increase his strength and durability but it reduces his speed and reflexes.
Earth Dragon Hammer: Dastan punches the ground causing earthquakes.

Earth Dragon Dahak is a beige muscular dragon with brown spots, a snake like head, ram horns, red eyes, and four bird like wings. He is serious and stern but he is in fact quite caring and gentle.

OC 3.

Name: Axle Phobos the Poison Dragonslayer
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
Eye Color: Navy blue eyes with slit like pupils
Hair Color: Silver hair
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Slim
Clothes: Long sleeved black hooded jacket with skulls with crossed bones in the back, gas mask that covers his face, black gloves with purple designs in the back of his hand, black boots.
Swimsuit: Black and purple shorts

History: Axle became orphan after his parents were killed due to a plague. All the people treated him as monster because of the deformity in his face (he has no lips so his gums and abnormaly hard and sharp teeth are exposed without the mask). One day Axle left his home village and went to a cemitery inside a forest where he met the Dragon Seth that adopted him and trained him on how to survive in the world and in Dragonslayer Magic. After getting older Axle forged a gas mask and he spent his life as a Street FIghter of some sorts to get money for himself, until he fought and lost to Dastan and they became best frients and they entered to Faust's Guild the Justicars. Later Axle, Dastan and Faust entered the Guild Star Legion hoping to get revenge on Dark Guild Tartarus.

Personality: Axle is a cold and violent person and prefers to stay with the animals because of the abuse he received and also likes to stay on high places to look down at the scenery. Axle is dangerously overprotective of the people he cares and he violently attacks anyone who hurts them. Axle also becomes quite sadist during a battle and thinks that one must count only on their own strength and to survive one must adapt and do whatever it takes.

Romance: Minerva Orland


Poison Dragon Roar: A purple blast that melts away anything it hits.
Poison Dragon Breath: He breaths a purple smoke that dissolves anything it touches.
Poison Dragon Claw: Axle's hands become purple and his touch becomes acidic.
Poison Dragon Arrow: He shoots purple darts from his fingertips with a paralizing poison.
Poison Dragon Bomb: Axle creates purple bombs that are acidic to the touche.
Poison Dragon Bite: Axle removes his mask and then bites his opponent, injecting a lethal tissue destroyer poison.

Dragon force: In his form Axle grows a pair of wings along with a long tongue, a crocodile like head and a more muscular body and all his abilities get stronger.

Poison Dragon Seth is a decayed and skeletal Dragon with an undead in decomposition like appearance with no eyes and no organs. Seth is arrogant and preferes to live like an isolated animal, but he does care about his foster son and he didn't disappear with the other dragons.

So, what do you think about them? :)
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