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1/19/2019 c36 Guest
Please update
11/9/2018 c25 Ashalaylei
I've read at least 50 different versions of fanfiction(cause I have no life) and this one is definitely in my top 10 favorites! but I do have to admit, I wish that in these last few chapters after Peter Pan became, well, Peter Pan and not Malcolm, that the spotlight was shined little more on Peter and Lillith as a couple. much like it had been in your earlier chapter. I am not trying to tell you how to right! just giving my opinion. btw you are a BOMB ASS writer!
1/26/2018 c9 Emi
1/16/2018 c8 Emi
1/16/2018 c7 Me
this is sooooooo good
1/15/2018 c5 Emi
1/15/2018 c4 looooovethisxoxo
This is awesome! Wow!
1/14/2018 c3 lovethisxoxo
. . . .
1/14/2018 c2 Emi
1/7/2018 c28 2EKFischer6293
I just want to say what an amazing author you are. Your descriptions are wonderful and consistent. Although I am knew to this world of FanFiction and I may be a little late on reviewing this story, I just want to say what creativity to have. Lilly fits into the story so well and to be honest, I think if she was in the original series, she would show a lot of potential. I love how you weaved her past in with the other characters. It makes complete sense.
I am going to publish a story that had been sitting there for a while. It is Once Upon a Time and a female character is added. I just hope our stories aren’t two similar to be considered copyright.
Great minds think alike. Keep writing!
6/7/2017 c2 1Alice's Escape
!PLEASE HELP! I am so confused, can someone tell me if there's a story before this? I saw that she had a companion story but it doesn't say what order to read in and I know she made alot of Once fanfics.
4/2/2017 c3 swirlbeebumble
11/29/2016 c10 Guest
Hey, why don't u put this story up on Quotev? It's really good and it will most probably get over a thousand hearts. *wink*
8/28/2016 c6 SaySomethingNiceDarling
the hell? why didn't she just give rumple the bean and he could get his son?
4/26/2016 c36 2ThePhantomismyLove
Please write more and keep Lily & Peter safe
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