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4/2/2016 c2 3Dramione-Fan 17
This is an interesting story please update again.
1/18/2015 c2 2strangeJenny
Hello. So you stopped writing again?
Do you think you will continue?
I think its an interesting plot, hadn't thohgh of a father daughter Bass Charlie thing before
- a Scottish reader
12/28/2014 c2 2LuNa3300
Please update I love your story
8/9/2014 c2 Guest
Love it
7/3/2014 c2 rita
just totaly adorably story! Love it! hope you will write more of it!
6/13/2014 c2 casey willows
oh so exiting, i think this is so good, hope you will keep this story alive.
6/7/2014 c2 sarha W
i can't hardly wait for more! think it's fun that monroe her dad in this story)
6/5/2014 c2 jazz
really like this story! so far one of the best starts i have read! I do hope you will keep this going! :) good job!
6/4/2014 c2 sarha
absolutley adore this! i do really hope you not gonna end this story! it's brilliant:)
6/2/2014 c2 reina
i love, love just love this story! :) always taught they would make a great father/daugther team, will be fun to follow this story)
6/1/2014 c2 marissa
I really like this story! GOOD start and intresting angel, like to se charlie and bass when they learn to be a faher and daughter. hope you keep writing on it!
5/7/2014 c1 AngelMaree
4/27/2014 c1 Volleyball2016
1/31/2014 c1 Updateeee
Please, please, please, please, please, please keep going with this! I love it soooo much. :'(
12/19/2013 c1 ThePeopleOfThisNation
Yay! Love it. :3 as long as you update a lot and make it long. ;) so awesome.
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