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for The Curious Case of Harry Potter

4/8 c12 14Beth9891
4/7 c12 Guest
I haven't read the chapter yet, but I was just checking in randomly and just wanted to thank you for revisiting this fic and taking the time to finish and post!
3/31 c5 Guest
Still confused but loving it.
3/30 c2 L
okay at first i was confused now i am still confused but intrigued
3/29 c12 3SakuraKoi
So good
3/28 c12 2Yumi Edogawa
Thank you for sharing the story! I enjoyed it. If you ever decide to write a sequel about the fall of the Black Org and Shinichi's difficulties that would be great, but I think you found a good stopping point for this story.
3/28 c12 Jostanos
Pandora has not only been found, but has also been destroyed!
A lead has been lost, but a new one has been gained, and some new allies?

What else may be in store for Harry, Kaito, and Shinichi?
3/28 c12 yachiru-chan92
Good chapter
Thanks for your work and the chapter
3/28 c12 1buterflypuss
a very good little story
3/28 c12 5AnnElfwind
Oho, FBI... Does that mean that Akai will appear? I would SO like to see how he would handle Kaito Kid. :D
And yes, that's the main thing I'm taking from this chapter. :D
3/26 c11 2Yumi Edogawa
Thanks for the chapter!

I think it'd be better for Kaito to not send a notice for this one. He can then use other heists to try to lure out his organization.

As for Kaito's question... maybe Shinichi or Harry could go to Ekoda high school for him using Polyjuice or something?
Harry could probably use actual magic to do the pranks Kaito would normally pull.
Or they could play off the note and say Harry needed to go back to the UK unexpectedly and wanted Kaito to go with him.
Or they could have his mother randomly decide on a mini-vacation in Europe that Kaito is required to attend... maybe they could claim Harry sent the note because she invited him before telling Kaito about the trip.
Otherwise Kaito would probably need to claim to be sick with something (mono? strep throat?)
3/25 c11 21Joe Fenton
Well, medical emergencies won't do it. Breaking an arm and a leg only gets you out of gym class, and being sick isn't considered an emergency unless it's bad enough to require a staying at a hospital. The tried-and-true death-in-the-family? "My second cousin's uncle in Hokkaido passed away."
3/25 c11 1Sakihinata
Hedwig is a Queen.
3/25 c11 1buterflypuss
good chapter
3/23 c10 buterflypuss
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