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for Love Starts in the Opposite Direction

6/4/2021 c1 1ParasiteGoddess
Very good and addictive!
8/13/2020 c25 Copperreign12
Beautiful story! Absolutely loved it!
3/17/2019 c25 Guest
I loved it so much!
2/12/2019 c1 Guest
awesome story i love it !
12/7/2018 c12 MOONECLIPSEHQ
Lucy no offense but you don’t go on a date with a different guy if you’re in a relationship simple just tell him you’re married.
4/24/2018 c1 Nashi Dragneel
I'm sorry but the first chapter is an exact replica of that to the manga Hapi Mari/Happy Marriage. And I was shittin bricks when I saw the resemblance. Idk it's probably (and hopefully) just a coincidence and it may be me just overthinking as usual lol
3/15/2018 c12 FT Fan
Why is the story becoming like an episode of "I Love Lucy"? Lucy's character is so silly. How the hell does she forget about her husband, when she was "beaming" about the night before? I guess I'll see how these misunderstandings unravel. I hope this story does get better, but I'm not too sure.
2/4/2018 c12 7Satyrykal
Don't tell me she's actually going to go on this date? red flag lucy. way better to just tell the truth. you told loke you had boyfriend, he doesn't get to interfere with that. He's 26, hrs of enough to know better.

2/4/2018 c5 Satyrykal
this reads like an actual manga! It's great! I also need to check out happy marriage too then.

2/4/2018 c3 Satyrykal
so honestly I had trouble with the first chapter because I didn't think the marriage thing was smooth, is it based off the other manga? I'm glad I stuck with it though because your writing is good and the story glows well. I only mentioned the intro bring confusing because in your AN you asked for honest feedback! but I am genuinely enjoying itCheers,
10/31/2017 c4 nalu heartneel
8/7/2017 c25 DragonHeart's Melody
oh my god! this is one of the best story I have ever read! god bless u!
5/20/2017 c4 ash.lyeen16
OH! Awesome chapter! I'm surprised you changed Loki's personality.
1/10/2017 c25 NaluFan4Life
I love this story soooooo much!
12/31/2016 c25 Guest
The best I ever read!
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