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9/27 c26 lonne2
Wow this is so good! I’m so sad it hasn’t been updated in so long. Easily one of the best fanfics I’ve read. I can only hope one day it will continue or at least a short explanation of how you wanted it to end. But just know it’s very very good. I was hooked. I couldn’t stop reading it.
8/12 c1 Chrundle the Great
I know it’s been ages since you last updated this but I’m holding out hope that you’ll come back someday. It’s the best Who fanfic I’ve found and I’m so sad that you seem to have walked away from it.

I keep coming back and rereading and I really hope that someday you come back with an update- I’m so curious to see what happens next!
8/6 c26 Guest
Easily one of the best fics on this site, thanks for sharing!
7/27 c6 Katie.Elder
6/23 c1 HitzuryZarahiHuertaRojasgmail
Heyyy, I know you probably won’t keep writing but I’m curious as to why the tardis didn’t translate for Lilly or why she gave her such a small room? Also was this going to eventually be more of a friends thing with the doctor or a romance? I’m just very curious! And I get that you might not finish I just wanted my curiosity delt with .
5/20 c17 Yahhh
Again, really need to have a proper conversation instead of assumptions :V
5/20 c15 Yahhh
Mmmm gross
4/14 c26 4Itsyourfriendisa
love it
4/11 c17 15nagiten
she is stressing to much and over thinking things...the moment they meet jack oh boy it will make the docs worries on time agency even worse...or if the doc has cameras in their rooms...hell the tardis could manifest them she is sneaky and the doctor hears music or something from a future ep or the past...or rose does...hah...
and she got to much of a ahh one of those complexes were she thinks everything on her...bit full of herself...she living the show so of course it worse of course she seeing things we dont on tv it tv it watered down...hell if half of the ''scary'' eps and the creatures in it werent well let jsut say we might not still have the doctor around in anyhtign less then books and audio adventures
4/10 c10 nagiten
misunderstanding after misunderstanding ohh boy lies dont get you anywhere this is going to be good when it all comes ot a head and is discovered ...nice
4/10 c8 nagiten
oh boy cassandra clones have her ipod...oh that will be interesting..and with no final action it means many companions will live ...donna madam de pomp and a few others will live and remeber ...or else he will be breaking his promise to who it seems will be his longest companion ...also when doc was in her head how ocme he didnt see the truth? or has he now with the info dump/share?

great story a bit annoying how she acts and thinks to trusting with the torchwood guy, to nervous over everything thinks it will all go according to the show evne after boe tells her it wont it is worse it is darker..she knows many thousands fear the doctor and he has killed thousands upon thousands yet is to ingrained about the doctor been the show doctor..even he scared donna that first time yet lily knowing all she knows about him how he can act and be and behaior all he will do and yet still trusts him so much? granted i would too but i would sitll be wary still be on edge having fun but still waiting for the shoe to drop, so upon learning it isnt like the show but worse she isnt more closed off?
ok it understandable why she thinks the way she does but if you were suddenly in a world of canon/tv you wouldnt be so trusting of people you know are evil..you wouldnt give any information out that could hurt even if you think it useless nothign useless to those like torchwood or the others it can be used agianst you or those you care about with ease ...the master now can hack into torchwood and discover what she said..so can others... thinking she can stop events when seconds before jack basically told her not to that it could make things worse, agian i would do the same any whovian would.. but trying to do somehting when not thinking about all the things that can go wrong is like having tint glasses on...but still great story sorry for the rant got a bit carried away ..hope you are well
4/4 c26 8DaphneSlytherinWinchester
So I normally skip to the latest chapter uploaded to see if a fic is worth reading... and I read your authors note first. Just have a few things to say.
Based on the first 3 chapters I've read of your fic your doctor is much more darker and crueler than show version. Nothing wrong with that ofc but if your doctor, who can relate even more to the master, isn't even more in love with him than canon doctor I'll eat my socks. You can obviously not ship them but it's been blatantly obvious for me since s3 that the doctor loves the master. Idk about the older doctor who because I never watched it but David Tennant's version of the Doctor looked and acted like he had major feelings for Simm's version of the Master. And every version of the doctor and master after that has been just as if not more in love. The way he held the master's body and PLEADED with him to regenerate... this is the guy who's enslaved humanity and instead of just simply mourning him like he does with all other villains he's instead begging him to regenerate. And yeah at first it's easy to think it's because the master is the only other time lord and so forth but the thing is the doctor KILLED multiple timelords (yeah it turns out they're not really dead and so forth blah blah but the doctor didn't know that at the time. I totally wish they were it would have been more interesting tbh bc I like hero characters with bloody pasts but oh well) and then later on when they had the opportunity to come back the doctor didn't choose to save them. He hesitated a little but not really and basically chose the master over the others. He keeps consistently giving second and third and forth chances to a man everybody else sees as a irredeemable villain and yes part of it is because they were friends and the doctor is fond of giving chances but he's never tried as hard as he does with the master with anyone else. And the ONLY thing that makes sense is that he loves him. And the master being in love with the doctor isn't even for debate. That is so blatantly obvious even a homophobe could see it. The doctor and the master have a similar connection to Cherik, Sheriarty and Hannigram. All three pairs were madly in love. You can hate and love someone at the same time y'know especially when you're over 1000 years old and just plain love has probably gotten pretty boring by that point.
And secondly about the gender thing. Well the way I see it, evolving in fiction for humans usually results in being able to be more than one thing. Like mutants who can shapeshift or have other powers. Being able to switch between genders would make fictional sense because you're just more... being capable of being both female and male does make you better than just one gender. It's not like the doctor went oh well I'm female now so I've gotten over my male bullshit. And the sexist comments from before aren't the master or doctor being sexist people. I see it more as shitty writing by sexist males. Okay yeah villains being sexist isn't a surprise but at the same time I just don't see people like the master ignoring the threat a woman can pose just because she's a woman. And with the doctor's sexist comments I see half of them as bad jokes and the others as him just being a total idiot who doesn't realise how he's phrasing shit. End of the day it's clear that the writers were a bunch of sexist pigs. It's clear with the way they've written all the female characters. Even River who's supposed to be this major badass is ultimately nothing more than the doctors wife. Her entire arc is all about how she was supposed to kill the doctor but her love (which she was basically groomed into) superceded her conditioning. So yeah any contradictory sexist shit I blame the writers for. The doctor and the master are a lot of things but they aren't sexist and they understand women far better than any man ever has. Anything that contradicts that gets ignored.
12/31/2020 c12 2LittleAngel2292
Great chapter I loved it so much
12/31/2020 c9 LittleAngel2292
Great chapter I loved it so much omfg
12/31/2020 c8 LittleAngel2292
Great chapter I loved it so much
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