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for The Selkie Wife: A New World

7/30 c20 roxiegirl
THANK YOU! I had been missing this story so much. Had to reacquaint myself, but caught back up quickly. I hope to see you again soon! Fantastic chapter, so well written, and such a fantastic story.
7/24 c20 A fan
OMG! An update! Glad that you are safe. Thank you for thinking of us. This makes me very happy.
7/18 c20 Sharla12
I did a happy dance when I saw you updated. Please continue
7/6 c20 Guest
I come back to this story ever so often just to see if it has been updated. You have made my week! Haven’t even read the chapter yet, but just wanted you to know.
7/3 c20 danniehella
so very excited to see this story again on my notifications! can’t wait to read more.
7/1 c20 Click57
So glad to see a new chapter!
6/30 c1 Jasyby
Oh, I just realised that Edward in his previous life would be Frances Grey’s brother, thus Jane Grey’s uncle. You’re such a genius. The fictional characters and historical ones had been woven seamlessly.
6/27 c20 dinotopian
Thank you!
6/25 c20 1MyladyNancy
oh so glad to get a chapter of one of my favorite stories and one of my favorite authors thank you.
6/24 c20 Entityofjen
Loved this story and it’s predecessor. So wishing it was finished, but alas, life. Your work is amazing, and I will look for others. Should you ever feel the desire to finish this one, know that I would happily devour it and will wait with bated breath in hopes it will be resurrected one day.
6/23 c20 3BeyondSanity12
Thank you for the update. I actually went back to the beginning of the first story and re-read up to this point (one of my all-time favorites!)
Lovely chapter. I’m sad that Carlisle has died (perhaps to be reborn?) and wonder where the story is going next.
I notice that Edward used to expect children but hadn’t mentioned them in a while. I don’t think they ever had the conversation that Bella needs to choose that. I understand why she hasn’t, I just think it might be a point of contention soon if he thought they were constantly trying for a baby.
6/21 c20 mimi53
So excited seeing this in my inbox. Thank you!
6/18 c20 AstridCullen
im so happy you updated! thanks so much!
6/14 c20 3Tia Bella
I have never been so happy to see a notification of a story update as I am for this. I love your stories and writing style and very glad to have been able to read more of this story. I hope you're doing ok.
6/14 c20 19MarieCarro
Oh my god, Lissa! You don't joke around when you update! Despite the slight anachronism, it fit well, and I loved it! Anxious to see what will happen to Alice now and how Esme will cope going forward
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