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8/1/2019 c2 Miles M
After going through a number of chapters ive realized that this chapter (chapter 2) is more important than you say. Id love it if you fixed it. Seems like a good story.
9/27/2018 c1 8Wangz
12/3/2015 c79 Guest
This was a really great story I love it a lot I read it from beginning to end in 2 two day's I was hooked and lost sleep but it was worth it good job.
11/27/2015 c79 90Jeimii-chan2009
I still like this story, the ending might not be like what some people want but it's short and sweet or Bulma and Vegeta with their kids. I'd love to see your new story!
11/27/2015 c79 4Poisondartz
I am so lucky to have found this fantastic read!
It felt like I was carried through the timeline together with Vegeta in his nightmare. Yes! His nightmare! At some point, I thought the story to be quite dark. I felt so much during the read.
Now that I've reached the conclusion of the story... I think I am left feeling quite empty.
I thought to myself, 'wait... when Vegeta said that he was going to 'leave', I'd assumed that he was going to venture out, blow off some steam/ find the purpose of his life/ Cool off and eventually return to his family once he gets his thoughts and emotions sorted out. He was just someone who had fell off track and needed to be reminded of what life means. Did the lost soul really need to die?'
His death felt like a missing puzzle piece for some reason. Hahaha! But I guess that is life. Even the most innocent of people may suffer tragedy they didn't deserve. And poor choices leads to bad consequences.
I wonder what will happen to Planet Vegeta, now that their King has been killed. Does this mean that Verles will be made king and that Tala will become his spouse; Bulma in that timeline will continue to suffer in the armory division, possibly bullied by Nappa? Seeing how crazy Tala is... I cannot begin to imagine the hell Bulma will be put through when Tala begins to sense Verles's interest in the earthling. On the bright side, perhaps the slaves will be treated better under King Verles' reign. Although, the better treatment might in turn stir political turmoil amongst the Saiyan race.
Seems like 'making things right' has fallen into the hands of the new King-to-be. And ‘it is going to take a lifetime.’
The depiction of Kakarot's character was so lovable. He was pure-hearted, kind and a sensitive man. To me, he served as a comfort in the storyline. There were so many times I thought, good thing there was Kakarot around to support Bulma. His background story and character development was really well-done. I like the idea of him starting out as a mute and how he gradually started speaking. The complexity of his feelings and bonds were so deep. It was heart-breaking to imagine how traumatized he was when life had slipped away from his best friend in his arms. Even Vegeta didn't reacted like he did. At that point, it was so clear that Bulma was above all! That despite being present with his blood-related family, Bulma was the only real family he had in his heart.
This is a great piece of work. :) You deserve lots of praises for completing the 79 chapters’ long adventure. Thank you so much for making it happen!
Still... I really miss the Vegeta that had learnt so much, but has no chance to live with it. :(
You know what? I am just going to imagine that after he blew himself up, he awakes to the sound of rustling leaves and the song of birds. There he will open his eyes to a new sunlight. He would find himself strapped to the seat of the ship which he had took off in at the start of the story. When the realisation hit him, he quickly unbuckles the seat belt and race his way out of the spacecraft to find Capsule Corp standing right before him. He does not stop running until the front door opens at seemingly the best time ever. He breaks into flight when he realized that he had made it. 'Vegeta!' would be the first word he hears from her…*Whites out*
11/23/2015 c79 MBLMA
OMG. I am going to read this story over and over again. It is awesome. Cant wait for the next ones. OMG!
11/23/2015 c79 VegetaBulma Fan
Well that clears up my confusion and I love your stories. I was surprised to see you update this early in the week. I do hope you make a sequel to this story and many others in the future.

P.S. for some reason I have an idea for the sequel's title if you want to make a sequel that is "Retrieving What Was Lost" or "What Once Was Mine"
But it doesn't matter whatever you write I bet it will be magnificent!
11/23/2015 c79 elianni
I thought i would not like this story in the beginning but once i started to read more i became hooked so yes i wil contune to read r next fic so until next story i will b waiting and wil always read them
11/23/2015 c79 5Stories Rhymes
I happy that you posted the Epilogue. I feel better about the ending now. This was a great story and you are a great writer. Hope to see more of your work in the future.:)
11/23/2015 c79 Spellweaver10
Good epilogue.
Stop being a pessimist. The story as a whole was good. I'm sure that most if not all of your readers would be happy to read more of your stories.
If I had to give you an advise though it would be, always be adaptable and ready to change some of your early plans.
11/22/2015 c79 wistfulmuse
Hey, at least you finished it, right? It's been such a good fic..and, who knows? Maybe sometime you'll come back to the end, and tighten it up..?

Lol, I look forward to your next project!
11/22/2015 c79 2supremewizdom
I thoroughly enjoyed your story it was something different an unique. Stop apologizing for what you think is not a good ending everything isn't always wrapped up neatly with a big red bow on top. I look forward to your next story, especially if it has B/V in it. Quit it with the self doubt!
11/22/2015 c79 1LVR4Trunks-n-Vegeta
I totally agree with how Bulma treated Vegeta when he woke up. She has to guard her heart for awhile. Eventually she'll trust him again. Thanks for writing this story.
11/22/2015 c79 dbz
first of all thank you for giving us this nice story and congratulation for finishing it.

it was a nice story but ending felt so wrong .

nothing changed in his and bulma(stone)'s timeline . both timeline suffered . all tht spirit of bulma and bra and king kai helping him to make things right was for nothing .
all he wanted was to get back to his family and make things right for this bulma(stone) . he made promise to dying bulma tht he'll make it right so wht happen .

for me with this ending it just felt like everything tht happened in the story was for nothing . all their sufferings and efforts resulted for nothing .

disappointed with the ending but i like ur writing and i did like this story so looking forward to ur new story.
11/22/2015 c79 nancy103
You don't have to apologize for anything. Your story, your plot, your ending. Be thankful you wrote it and hopefully you learned more about your craft while you worked on it.
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