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12/14/2013 c11 1Pickle the chicken
lol XP Dad support ALL THE WAY

Also, is Jaune gonna give Weiss the gift he left to go get her in chapter 9? (The one that Pyrrha found)
12/14/2013 c11 3SOVIETxEAGLE
Heheh, this chapter was pretty funny, hope you update soon! :)
12/14/2013 c11 3The hotdog man
Ha! Second piggy bank!
12/14/2013 c11 3blazedflame
Lol, that was funny.
12/14/2013 c11 SpringUnicorn
Welcome back! Hope to see this updated lots. (and see Jaune x Weisscoughcough)
12/13/2013 c11 LadWatcher
I knew I was gonna like it. Too bad it was short but now I'm sure that you are not done with this story. Waiting for the next chapter :)
12/13/2013 c11 destinyTail0
Dads are the best. Period. That is all.
Also welcome back. Get some rest and relax. You got all the time you need for sometime as great as this fiction.
12/13/2013 c11 4The Rogue King
Yay! I thought you were done, but I'm glad to be proven wrong. It was short, but definitely a good warm up if your just starting up again. Now don't keep us waiting for the next one. Good writing.
12/11/2013 c10 LadWatcher
Waiting for the next chapter... and I know I'm gonna love it!
12/11/2013 c1 Vincent Van
Greatest RWBY fanfiction ever.
12/9/2013 c10 gillambiack
Awe shit! We got ourselves a REAL Mexican stand-off now boys! You gotta keep up with this story. Its just hilarious, also I want to see Jaune and Pyrrha end up together.
12/7/2013 c10 anon692
why u no post new chapter :(
I need my jaune goodness
12/7/2013 c10 12Drow79
One of my new favourite fanficts found it hilarious keep it up.
12/2/2013 c10 6ZecoreZecron
I would feel sorry for Juane, but I can't get over my screaming of 'you lucky bastard' long enough for sympathy to emerge.
12/2/2013 c10 3The hotdog man
Haha not-date. Keep it up!
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