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10/27/2015 c3 19dracohalo117
Good job there Jaune...

10/27/2015 c2 dracohalo117
Oh my, the pieces fall into place...

10/27/2015 c1 dracohalo117
Tick tock, goes the clock, and all the years may fly, tick tock and all too soon, Ren will laugh until he cries.

10/27/2015 c19 1SncTCllctr
I needed those d'awws. Nice work.

Couple of quick fixes for later edits: in the 'how many times' gag, Coco said fourth instead of forty; and on the Ferris wheel, you put hopped instead of hoped.
10/26/2015 c19 BrutusPrimus
So. Much. Fluff... It's glorious.
10/26/2015 c19 ulquiorra.schiffer.1291
Wait...Coco has a thing for Velvet?
9/25/2015 c18 6SpookyNooodle
God I miss this. Such a fantastic story, and yet you haven't updated it in a while.

I supposed it's really up to you, but I would be very willing to help collaborate or take over for you.

I can send you some of my writing, if you like.
8/29/2015 c1 1DoubleRX
Not bad
7/9/2015 c5 King ofheros
i think i saw the ending of this chapter on a comic in devientart a few days ago
6/28/2015 c18 ChampionofVale
Well, you sir have a lot of catching up to do. I will wait patiently for your next upload. However long that takes. Don't keep your fans waiting too long. :c
6/26/2015 c9 SarcasticComment
Whatever "In case of date" savings account Jaune has must be stuffed due to compound interest.
5/6/2015 c9 1rc48177
Jaune after this you're gonna have to be called Joan because as the old saying says "Hell have no fury like a woman scorn'd"
3/3/2015 c18 Guest
the ArKos Fluff in this chapter is overwhelming. I LOVE IT! :D

So uh..what's next?
3/2/2015 c14 The Dream
It's time to have Jaune do something immensely heroic that would forever carve his name in history, and also do some noble shit like "i'll let them all go, for their sake", but they all choose to be with him in the end anyway and officially become a true harem. All hands on deck, THE LEGENDARY HAREM FLEET SHALL CONQUER! ;_;7
2/26/2015 c18 vstealthyx
Hey this was very good, when do you expect we will be getting another chapter ?
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