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7/27/2014 c18 CoastwardCross8
Amazing i rly hope pyrrha wins in the end...i wonder if anyone else wants pyrrha to win
7/27/2014 c18 3SOVIETxEAGLE
Aww...this chapter doe. XD
7/26/2014 c18 15ddrhckrzz
Very nice chapter.
7/26/2014 c18 2boris-the-red
Hehe, this was a nice update, if a bit short.
I loved your rendition of CRDL, they were so helpful, and I would like to believe they have the capacity of being nice in the show, but if that isn't the case, I have this to think on instead :)
Cardin was lovely in this one. His inner turmoil was explained a little too easily, but the thought of that deformed giant playing the violin sounds tremendous. Russel seems like a nice guy - all too often I could imagine a person like him just playing along, but to actually PLAY along is another thing entirely. Well done man, well done.
The chronology of this confused me. But I just now figured it out, if a little bit jumbled. So Cardin was absolved of his crimes on a rainy day a week after being saved by Jaune, and then after Jaune was exploded by the oven he was pulled in to organise the date for Jaune and Pyrrha. That is what I believe is the case.
Other than that, Jaune surely flexed his romantic muscles in this. Pyrrha swooned so easily, before the wine was poured. Having read this, I desperately want this to happen in the show. Pyrrha needs love. Jaune love. Also, tipsy-Pyrrha makes me giggle. She should not be left alone with Yang after dark, god knows what may happen then. And she got a good-night kiss, how cute.
This was a really sweet update man. Enjoyed it a lot.
7/26/2014 c18 1R-king 93
excellent chapter update soon
7/26/2014 c18 Yessirsirree
Chapters like these are why I ship Arkos
7/26/2014 c18 21KaiserErebus
A very nice chapter. I really liked the dinner between Jaune and Pyrrha. Keep up the great work; and Vol. 2 was awesome. I really loved the food fight.
7/25/2014 c17 2boris-the-red
Oh wow, awesome to see more form you man. Real sorry about your friend, but I'm glad life is working out enough that you can get back to writing. I know it must be hard, but the fact that you could bounce back is tremendous, and I hope all the best for you in the future.
This was a nice update. A cheeky little cookie-filled chapter with a nice team-love-and-stuff moment. A bit short, but that's alright. It was a nice, light moment. I'm sure it'll pick up with Jaune-Shipping afterwards.
Good luck man, take it easy.
7/19/2014 c17 1Kiyomaro-kun
I love your story. Every chapter is really interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us
7/16/2014 c17 6FaintQuill
Hello once again Jellybeans! I'm going to make an official announcement on this in my next chapters A/N, but for those who a reading this in the reviews you'll get the early access. Due to the lack of being able to communicate over the past six months, I've decided to start a blog! The link is on my fanfic account page, and I'll probably post it in the A/N of the next chapter too. This way, I'll be able to keep you updated on all manner of things so you can know when the next chapter of any existing story of mine, or even new ones are coming out. Additionally, I'll be able to talk with you directly in the comment section of any post I make! An polls! You'll see why I'm excited about that. Anyways, I'm off now. Stay safe Jellybeans!
7/16/2014 c17 1awesomesauceysauce
Great chapter, man! Also, I'm glad your back. I can't say I know what your going through, but know we are here for ya'! Don't feel rushed to get this story out, and take as much time as you need if you need it.
7/16/2014 c17 Luke Shadowrider
Really good story line I like it
7/15/2014 c17 3SOVIETxEAGLE
Good to have you back, I'm glad you were able to get through everything that has happened to you, my words to you as a reader aren't to you as a reader, but both a person AND a reader: Don't let anything keep you from doing what you love most, dude. :D - SOVIETxEAGLE
7/15/2014 c17 jtfroh
So good to have you back. I'm sorry to hear about your buddy. Losing a friend like that can be hard, especially at this age. Can't speak for everyone, but know that there are those of us out there who are there for you.
7/15/2014 c17 Power Cookies
I personally would start working with Dust to see if yoi could get the cookies to retain the glow but still be edible. Maybe even use the energy to make them spicy or sour or something. Give them more zing...

Just stand farther away for the initial tests...
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