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for Brown Eyed Girl

8/1/2016 c7 Rayray0528
This was so sweet I loved it!
7/31/2016 c3 Rayray0528
Dally came back with Johnny and Ponyboy
11/8/2015 c7 Short But Deadly
I really enjoyed reading this story even though it made me cry. Outsiders one of my favorite books ever and I think you did such a good job adding an extra character seamlessly. I'm so impressed with how you gave this story a realistic happy ending.
7/27/2015 c7 Dynamite Rose
I absolutely love this story! It's awesome. :D
12/20/2013 c7 Love4all
W O W that was AWESOME! :) It wasn't the ending I was expecting but I still loved it. It fits perfectly and I'm glad you went into an ending for everyone (sad as some were) thanks sooo much for the great read :) I'll go check out your other stories now! :) keep up the wonderful writings! :)
12/19/2013 c7 42Lovetoread75
I'm glad I stumbled upon this fic:), because it's absolutely great and really well-written. I love Lucy and Johnny story, and I like that you let Dally and Johnny survive. Also I like that you didn't leave anyone out - it wasn't just about Johnny and Lucy, but you followed the story line for Soda and Sandy, Dally and Cherry, Pony, Two-bit, Darry and even Tim. All of them were in character, but I especially liked how you wrote Dal - spot on. All in all I really enjoyed reading this. Great job and I'll be on the lookout for the one-shots that you mentioned at the end:)
12/18/2013 c5 Love4all
How do you NOT have ten-thousand comments on this story?! This is one of the best stories I've read! Very well written in every way possible! It's almost like reading a sequel. I can't wait to read more! :D
12/5/2013 c1 A
Loved this! besides had to click on it because ur a My Chemical Romance fan lol
11/25/2013 c1 Guest
I really like it. Please continue. I hope Johnny doesn't die.

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