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6/20/2020 c3 Vale Herondale
Me encantó esta historia! Me gusta mucho que Firesmia sea hija de Hefesto, me la imagino en clases construyendo cosas (así como Leo con sus manos inquietas). Aunque admito que me gustaría que hubiera una descripción un poco más detallada de su apariencia, me cuesta imaginarla un poco. También me gusta mucho la amistad de harry con ella, igual espero que más adelante le hable sobre su herencia divina.
Me encanta también que los capítulos sean tan largos, se que no has actualizado en años, pero aún así voy a guardar la historia en mis favoritos por si algún día vuelves a actualizar (ya sabes, lo último que se pierde es la esperanza xd)
5/3/2020 c3 19Alera33
This story is amazing I hope you'll update it again!
8/12/2018 c1 FadingFromTime
Three years late but if you plan on updating I'll read it.
11/23/2015 c3 Lady Syndra
Looking forward to the next chapter!
11/22/2015 c3 4ilyaiyu
yay yay yay yay yay! great chapter! love firesmia so much! please update! i think the percy fi harry triangle is fine btw
8/14/2015 c3 LindaTheNerd
Ok thank chuck (sprn) ok cause I was getting freaked out there for a bit. Love your writing.-Linda
8/12/2015 c3 percyjacksonfan135
I did notice that! I thought it was cute. Keep going
8/10/2015 c2 LindaTheNerd
TEAM HARRY cause I'm a die hard percabeth fan and I don't like it when persassy is like in love wth someone else.-Linda
8/12/2015 c3 4Iveya Jade's psycho mind 08
I love this new version you are writing
8/9/2015 c2 Annabeth Reeder
Wow. Just wow. This is so fantastic! I love the updated version. I loved the old version too, but this is just so spectacularly wonderful!
Please please please please please please continue!
With hope, SJ Reeder
8/9/2015 c2 LindaTheNerd
This is a good story but I hope you put Harry and fire together cause I'm a percabeth for life and it seems kinda wrong for perce to be in love wth someone else. Plus there's only one love triangle I like and will accept in fanfic.-Linda
8/9/2015 c2 Guest
I actually like this one better. It gives more background and it's very well written.
8/9/2015 c2 2ThePoopleMonster
I was extremely shocked when I saw your story with 42 reviews and only 2 chapters. So I got a little bit curious and check it out, finding out you're actually re-doing it. I'm giving you thumps up for that. I was always wanted rewrite my other fanfiction but always think I will lose my followers. Anxiety sucks.

Surprisingly, your OC was quite interesting. The only thing that bugs me is the name. However, I love the fact you're using a daughter of Hephaestus. Hephaestus demigods are mostly used as background characters so Yaaaay. Also are you implying that she's a fire user like Leo or was the fire thing a part of her accidental magic?

Keep on writing :)
8/8/2015 c2 The Missing 3000
I'm lovin' it! Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/5/2015 c13 The Missing 3000
Its okay! Take your time to re-write the story and I'll know it's going to be incredible
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