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9/10/2016 c27 Guest
I really wish that this one would update. I love this author and this this fanfic, but I haven't seen an update on this in almost 7 months. Come on man! Give me more dark and ominous, bad ass naruto!
5/30/2016 c27 jordan schoepke
where's the chapter?
5/30/2016 c23 10Wolfone10
Why isn't the perv just HUNTING DOWN NAGATO? He knows that all the bodies are connected and USELESS without the main, plus taking them down is pointless with out taking down the MAIN body, it was the message he left for naruto remember?
5/27/2016 c12 Wolfone10
I'd say it's TIME TO WRITE ONOKI's name in the note..After all he's OLD AS DIRT, A stroke or a heart-attack is KINDA COMMON at that age, and the fact that he's GETTING SHUT DOWN every time he turns around twice (gotta watch that blood pressure) I'm actually shocked he hasn't kicked off a WAR! Of course it would be EVERYONE ON THE PLANET VS. IWA (so maybe war is too strong a word, more like: "EXTERMINATION OF IWA") after all, that's what you do to persistent INSECTS! You spray them down and GET RID OF THEM, well, IWA is proving they are AN ANNOYANCE.. time to SQUASH them.

As far as naruto and the forth? IT"S OUT, it's the STUPIDEST SECRET in the series and it seems EVERYONE KNOWS ALREADY, it's KINDA POINTLESS to keep it, now that IWA and KUMO know don't cha' think? It's stupid and has NO REASON anymore, It makes about as much sense as not telling him about the kyuubi... WHICH WAS RETARDED in canon's view... He could have been TRAINING with it for a DECADE instead of WASTING that time. A secret is NO GOOD IF EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS IT! Then it's just a limitation! Also the only one to think naruto WASN'T DESCENDED from the fourth? WOULD BE A BLIND, MENTALLY CHALLENGED person!

The leaf is ESSENTIALLY burning! The akutski are COMING (and why naruto hasn't already just written them all in his note and made them all CORPSES is beyond me), IWA is on the verge of WAR with EVERYONE, the world is ENDING, so why does TSUNADE think it's even a good idea to try to control nartuo NOW OF ALL TIMES. She's OBVIOUSLY lost ALL POSSIBLE CONTROL. Everything has ALREADY gone to hell in a hand-basket.. It's time to start pilling CORPSES until every thing is settled.
EIGHT ELDERS? Then why hasn't Tsunade had them EXECUTED? AN ENTIRE FAMILY? VS. 8 perople? The diaymo wouldn't even say anything about them being put in the ground! They need to know that THEY JUST DON'T MATTER that much!
5/27/2016 c11 Wolfone10
Why doesn't tsunade just BUMB RUSH the hyuuga compound and declare MARTIAL LAW? "clan affairs" didn't seem to apply when the third SLAUGHTERED the uchiha after all! I'd have to say the hyuuga have PROVEN they CANNOT actually police themselves! So time to call in the "adults" since the kids can't play nice with one another! With root getting involved, the leaf is IMPLODING! Naruto needs to get his house in order, not trapes around KUMO for a month and a half! and where the hell is the perv? Shouldn't he and Tsunade NOW be putting their collective FOOT DOWN!? Danzo is OVERPLAYING his hand! The hyuuga are loosing their collective MINDS and meanwhile the entire time, naruto is playing "footsy" in kumo.. oh yeah.. "GREAT PROTECTOR" there. WHO GIVES A CRAP about any STUPID exams in kumo? WASTE OF TIME!
5/26/2016 c9 Wolfone10
A thought occurs.. Hoiw about, now here is a FAR-FETCHED ONE.. HAVE SOME SHIT HAPPEN IN HIS HOME VILLAGE! We get he's a hero to the rest of the world... WE GET that he's BELOVED outside! SO WHAT?! Don't you think he should CLEAN UP HIS OWN HOUSE first? THEN fix the world! FIX THE LEAF, THEN WORRY ABOUT THE REST OF THE PLANET!
5/26/2016 c8 Wolfone10
II'm not exaclt seeing how this is "the ultimate ninja tool"..He's only killed TWO people... Um.. WHY NOT ITACHI?.. he knows his name and face... why not the hyuuga elders? HE HAD to have seen them.. Why not sasuke?... Why not orichimaru?.. He's seen him, he KNOWS HIS NAME.. Why not Kabuto? He knows his name and face... Why not have itachi deliver ALL THEIR NAMES?(so he can make a HIT LIST).. this is the most USELESS "ULTIMATE NINJA TOOL"... I have ever seen!
5/23/2016 c7 Wolfone10
I'm a little confused on this chapter. Number 1,.. Tsunade's "favor" she said she'd make him a chunnin?.. Well, doesn't he have to go to the chunnin exams ANYWAY? Sooooo that's kinda self-defeating isn't it? Also he has to BEAT a chunnin to GO TO the chunnin exams? WTF?.. How does that make any sense whatsoever? Also the exams are in CLOUD? You REALIZE that the entire village will be on Hanabi like flies on poop right? That is COMPLETELY stupid! You do NOT send the deer into the wolf's den! Tsunade is a LITTLE LIGHT IN THE HEAD in this one! (TOO MUCH alcohol?) AND the perv takes away naruto's dad's study, beats him up and next thing you know, he's showing the perv all his secrets and they're best friends? WTF again! (the secret will kill him? His dad is the 4th SO WHAT?.. That's like the DUMBEST secret of the ENTIRE series!).. So when IS he supposed to be ready? Is there a "magic aura" or "secret birth mark" that goes off, to tell them all that he IS in fact, ready... They do realize (and you) the akuatski are MOVING NOW! THEY ARE OUT OF TIME!.. He's KILLED an akutski member.. which means he is now "a threat"... He should already have all the info.. his parents had enemies? Guess what? He's already making his OWN... He's BEYOND their "protection" now.. Their "ranks" their "titles" now mean NOTHING..I personally think naruto ought to be working on a way of PREVENTING those "chakra suppression" seals from working on him, this is the THIRD time people have CONTROLLED him (not helped him, or saved him) through those and that is two times TOO MANY! Plus it should show him that they (no matter how much he cares for them) are not above hitting his "off button" when he does something THEY DON'T LIKE! (People don't HAVE off buttons!)
5/22/2016 c2 Wolfone10
Wait, what the? ALL of naruto's friends know about the kyuubi by the time he comes back remember? EVERY SINGLE ONE! and for SAKURA of all people NOT to know as the student of the hokage herself? That makes NO SENSE, because the "old law" that's always quoted states chunnin and above SHOULD KNOW. Also Naruto KNOWS Itachi is now a member of the akutski, so he also KNOWS Itachi's full name, so why not kill him? After Itachi gives him a message with EVERY akauksi's REAL NAME!

Kinda curious why Naruto has a sudden "blood-thirst", this could turn out odd, Ryuk will probably lose it, laughing so hard. LOL
5/10/2016 c27 Tsukoblue
Please update this soon
looking forward to the next chapter
3/10/2016 c27 22Shinobi Gatana
This chapter was pure excellence. Well done.
3/10/2016 c26 Shinobi Gatana
3/10/2016 c25 Shinobi Gatana
Wow. Just... I don't know what to say about Karin in this. Lol.
3/10/2016 c24 Shinobi Gatana
Awesome! But will Naruto help them revive the leaf? Hm?
3/10/2016 c23 Shinobi Gatana
This story is so bad asS! Keep up the great writing.
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