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9/24 c9 16madie080802
That was a really sweet story. I love Harmony, but I feel, that you were one of the original writers for the genre. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.
9/19 c9 Bronze
The two youngest Weasley children never did learn their respective lessons. Though as it turned out Harry and Hermione were a match made in heaven. They met just before the start of their first year and remained together for the next seven years before marrying. Wonderful story. Very fluffy. But still well worth reading so thanks.
9/19 c8 Bronze
Just how far does that hole Good Ole Fumblemort dug go anyways?!
9/19 c6 Bronze
It was bound to happen. Sooner or later Hermione would have noticed that everytime she left the dorm one or two others went with her for some reason. That's some change of attitude by Fumblemort! Damn near got whiplash from that turn around! I can't think of any other story where he did anything like this! I really expected him to fight tooth and nail to keep all three positions or get them back if he lost them. I can accept that at this point in time he didn't know about the Horcruxes, nor that Harrys' scar contained one. That does make sense. I lkie Harry being friends with Draco and Draco opening his eyes and accepting Muggle-borns are just as good as Purebloods.
9/19 c5 Bronze
I've very seldom liked Severus Snape in any story. Most times he's a total bully. Yea, I know James and friends bullied him all through school, but Harry wasn't even born at the time! Add to that that James and Lily died before their son ever really knew them and all Snape was doing was passing along the bullying. But this Snape admits his mistake and want to make amens for his crimes. Add to that the fact he acted to help Harry from the very first nigh and he's a very different man. Now Good Ole Fumblemort is an entirely different matter. He knows he's wrong on a number of fronts but refuses to admit to them. He just assumed that as he didn't know how to remove the Horcrux from Harry without killing him there was no way to. It never even crossed his mind that another race might. Then there's that prophecy spoken by a drunk that he took seriously. He condemned two baby boys to life without their parents to raise and love them. I really don't know which is worse. Having both murdered or in a coma they most likely will never come out of. With Severus's testimony I don't see any way out for Fumblemort. Then with the Potters Will showing he was never supposed to be Harry's Guardian I think the old fraud could be looking at many years in Azkaban for all his crimes.
9/19 c4 Bronze
Man! Does that ever sound like MoooRon! Everything is always about him! Christmas is supposed to be about giving but all MoooRon cares about is what he gets! Anyhoo, Lucy is gonna be a very UNHAPPY camper when he learns Sirius annulled his marriage and took back Cissa's dowery. That gonna severely cut into his ability to bribe anyone at the ministry. Not to mention ability to buy whatever the Dark Lord demands of him once back. Let the good times crawl? They certainly won't be rolling with the hit his vaults just took! It's also gonna be a very UNHAPPY Christmas for Good Ole Fumblemort this year too! The Potters' Will in Gringotts was opened and read, Harry was sorted into Ravenclaw instead Gryffindor, and he never met nor made friends with any of the Weasley family. Then there's his involvement with Sirius Black going to Azkaban without a trial investigation he has to deal with. Right along with his placing Harry in an abusive home. So, no. He's not having a very happy Christmas.
9/19 c3 Bronze
Now there's quite the surprise! I'm use to Fudge dodging anything and everything to prevent Sirius getting a trial. Also running to Fumblemort for advice on what to do. Or Malfoy Sr. But it most likely had to do with what Amelia said. Though if Crouch Sr. is still in the ministry, he'll be very angry that they reopened the case. This could also lead to the discovery of him having his under the Imperius Curse alive in his living room when he's supposed to've died in Azkaban Prison years ago. That would also throw a nice big spanner into Good Ole Fumblemorts' plans.
9/19 c2 Bronze
And yet another reason for Good Ole Fumblemort to dislike Ms. Granger! She's uniting the Houses whereas he's working to keep them divided. I think pretty soon Good Ole Fumblemort is gonna start hating her as she's undermining his efforts. If he truly expects MoooRon Weasley to become close friends with Harry than he's absolutely delusional! I think MoooRon is gonna wind-up friendless in the school. No table manners as well as a foul temper when things don't go his way. I've read in a couple of other fics where MoooRon is friendless because he's the Gryffindors' Malfoy in attitude. In you last story I read you mentioned the story The Champions' Champion. I've read it a couple of times and got a real howl out of it each time.
9/19 c1 Bronze
I'm usually a big fan of the Weasley twins though their pranks do get out of hand more often than not. Molly, Ron and Ginny not so much. As for Good Ole Fumblemort, after everything he'd done, I classify him as the Primary Dark Lord of Late Early Mid Twentieth through Late Twenty-First Centuries. If that stone WAS real, I have some very real doubts that it truly was destroyed as Good Ole Fumblemort claims. Something like that was just too valuable to really risk as bait. Therefore, a transfigured one used in its' place makes much more sense. It would allow Good Ole Fumblemort to continue his reign. Harry's either just a convenient scapegoat or a stupid martyr for Good Ole Fumblemorts' cause.
9/14 c8 4Jetstream
… so what was the point of “sees the error of his ways Dumbledore?” It pretty much ended the same way as any of the other Dumbles portrayals.
9/12 c1 1jasonleric1
all right for my response to Sam sword man you know the saying the road to hell is paved with good intention right even when I read the Harry Potter books Dumbledore is always seem like a manipulator and I know this is fiction it's not an argument it's just an observation that I made even in the movies everything that Dumbledore does is a means to an end and he was willing to sacrifice Harry and it's on a chance you know sacrifice of the one for the many which is kind of messed up since Harry had no reason to sacrifice himself for The Wizarding World when they did not do anything for him bottom line the Wizarding World is a bunch of wolves and sheep they turn on you in a heartbeat and they follow the strongest person no matter what
9/2 c8 Kuzan-Cro Akagami
OMAIGA OMAIGA OMAIGA OMAIGA OMAIGA. Lo amé, me encantó, te amo. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
9/2 c9 Kuzan-Cro Akagami
OMAIGA OMAIGA OMAIGA OMAIGA OMAIGA. Lo amé, me encantó, te amo. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
8/29 c1 Sophiawritez
To everyone commenting negative things, get a lifeit’s an AU, don’t like it? Don’t read it. Move on with your life.
8/26 c4 21Samswordsman123
Okay, while I like this fiction in spite of the Dumbledore and Weasley bashing I just have to say that it was never planned on Dumbledores part for Harry to marry Ginny. If that were the case Dumbledore wouldn't have said for Harry to die, at least not before he married Ginny. People seem to like villainizing Dumbledore and the Weasleys for dumb reasons. Dumbledore is not a villain, he may have done some questionable things but he did them with the best intentions. And picking on Ginny or the Wealsleys just because a ship you like didn't happen is a low blow.
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