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10/16 c1 5Kknd2
Well now I am enormously curious as to what differs to change Severus's attitude so much. It's almost as if some kind of compulsion charm failed to fire because it was set to do so when the hat called out Gryffindor for Harry's house or something...

So I look forward to learning the AU elements that lead them here. One thing you have absolutely done well is opening with interesting questions for we the readers.
10/7 c4 TennysonPoet
Good story so far but I’m one of those people that find 11yr olds dating creepy, so for me that aspect is a little off-putting.
10/2 c9 Guest
More please
10/1 c9 ohsewcrafty
Love this story! Just desserts for all the characters IMO
9/12 c9 4thinker0
Awesome story :) Liked this turn of events
9/9 c9 Lenera Silvers
Love this story so much
9/1 c8 Incantations7
Ok, this chapter confused me… You said that Madam Longbottom became the headmistress but then the way the later conversation goes, it sounds like Narcissa is…
8/16 c9 HaveABiscuitPotter13
i loved this story just wish it was longer and more fleshed out. i love anything thay completely changes everything yay to AU
8/12 c9 MotekElm
very sweet
8/12 c2 MotekElm
I love this story so far. very fluffy.
but the idea that Ravenclaw would be a helpful family, and Filius would watch over the students, especially as related to bullying, is antithesis to Canon, where Luna was horribly bullied and neglected in Ravenclaw
7/28 c9 aamlkb
How cute!
7/5 c9 tomascatts
My only complaint is too short of a story. Really liked it
7/4 c2 tomascatts
Good so far. It's weird Snape being nice, but I like nice!Snape stories too.
6/27 c8 Kat
First off to Guest, of course the characters are different from the books. This story is AU, alternate universe. If it was canon Harry and Hermione would be in Gryffindor, Harry would be friends with Ron and along with Ron would be bullying Hermione and using her to do their schoolwork, Harry would still be with the Dursleys, Sirius would still be rotting in Azkaban and Cissy and Draco would still be with Lucious. Also, it's fan fiction. It's not the actual books written by Rowling. If it were, this author would be rich. Even the stories that follow canon for the most part are still AU as they are not written by Rowling who owns all rights to the world of Harry Potter.

Personally I love this story, it shows Dumbledore as the manipulative man he actually was and gives the goblins and Amelia Bones a true chance to shine.
6/27 c5 6ArtasticSarcastic01
Ummm, ya might wanna change your phrasing for, and I quote: "Amelia would have loved to peg Lucius."
I know what you meant but when I first read it, the first definition/context I thought of made me burst out cackling like a mad woman until I couldn't breathe. Just thought I'd say something. You go, Amelia XDDDD
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