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for Better Be- Ravenclaw!

5/17 c1 Guest
You had me up until the benevolent Severus Snape act...what a joke.
5/4 c6 EdDbookfan1018
I think this is my 2nd time reading. I do like itjust unsure of all the kissing. My son is 11 and hehis friends are nowhere close to kissing. Haha.
3/13 c2 Ghost
I am very glad that Gryffindor isn’t participating, because as Ravenclaw FUCK Gryffindor
2/27 c9 E.Elliot
I love it!
2/22 c9 3Ironhidensh
This was a really lovely little story.
2/1 c9 S
A straight forward, sweet story of what could have been. Happy it worked out for Harry and thrilled that Hermione was the major influence in his life rather than Ron. Looked like you were going to redeem Dumbledore, but it abruptly changed. Was a bit surprised by that. Enjoyed reading this story. Thanks.
1/17 c9 Joie
I really liked this one
1/19 c1 11old-crow

It had been a few years, so I was delighted to come back to this one.

I think what I like best as I was reading it this time was your DD. He did come to realize that he wasn't king of the world and to a greater (or lessor) degree atoned for some of his errors. I was always disappointed that She never made him pay for the hurt that he'd caused. I suspect that to some degree, She really does believe that the end justifies the means.

Back to your tale, thanks again.


1/9 c3 SUPERGIRL2020
I love love love this book. Loooooove it so much. I love the fact that you made the incompetent characters and those that are not seen much and given them a bigger role. I love it and love your take on the Harry Potter series can’t wait to see what happens next.
1/5 c9 MickJ
Wow! That really is a great "what if" story! It didn't feel forced and the premise worked. It could have been a little more fleshed out in parts concerning those around Harry and Hermione, but it was just fine as a story focused just on them.
I know this is an old story for you, but I just had to say something after reading.
1/1 c9 K
Nice story, almost too nice, but a good read.
12/29/2020 c9 Jonathan Deller
I love this story!
12/29/2020 c9 Karen Peers
I have read the whole story and found it to be enjoyable. But really for people who are looking through rose coloured glasses. This is not a complaint
as I really did enjoy it.
Thank you very much for writing
12/29/2020 c1 varenyamishra2511
By god RobSt introduced and changed a lot of lives
I started reading fanfic cause of him
And his favorite list introduced me to many other authors like old crow and witoswamp
12/28/2020 c9 Soraslove
Ya... if hermione smacked me, i'd prob smack her back, ngl.
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