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1/2 c19 Sekryuushintei
Please update
11/27/2020 c4 9Chisaki Kouu
This is so fucking cringe, why the hell can't I stop reading
11/2/2020 c19 Riptide752
Hope new chapter comes soon
10/26/2020 c12 vera841
Elune is pretty suspicious. Never trust someone with no sense of humor.
10/26/2020 c11 vera841
Arthas is so cool. Good story.

Also why is everyone so fascinated with his wings? Haha!
8/13/2020 c19 9Calikarcha
God I feel like I reread this fic every month and love it more each time.

The way you write all the characters is amazing and interesting, I love how much deeper you've gone into lovecraft by including Nyarlathotep, Yig, Hastur, Azathoth and the rest.

Can't wait for an update one day
7/15/2020 c11 1Stranger777
I've been rereading this fanfic lately, and it seems you predicted Shadowlands even before it's announcement. I'm hoping you rewrite this with the additional changes in the current lore.
11/14/2019 c19 25The Jingo
I'll be keeping an eye on this one. It's one of the best Warcraft fics I've ever encountered. I hope you do eventually come back to it.
11/14/2019 c18 The Jingo
Damn, I liked Azshara.
11/14/2019 c13 The Jingo
I find it hilarious how this has become about #TeamGettingShitDone

I have a got long laugh whenever they end up pulling off these ridiculous feats and being absurdly effective.
10/25/2019 c19 hawkeyestratos1996
when are you updating this master piece?
10/5/2019 c19 Pyroclastic flow
Huh. A full year before Legion. It hits a lot of the same notes though.
10/4/2019 c19 derpysauce
Had a random itch to read some bleach and clicked on your profile because I had previously enjoyed white. Was pleasantly surprised when I gave this a shot

At times I was a bit worried. When you started resurrecting all of the scrouge I was really worried by the influx of characters. Definitely my biggest gripe with White was all the characters constantly needing to be switched to. This story suffered a bit from that, but not nearly as much. Chapters 13-16 felt a bit like a slog due to this, but it picked back up

Your trying to make full use of the cool characters at your disposal and make a large interconnected world where its not just the mc running around and doing stuff and thats mad respect for doing so. But the issue I have is that quite honestly the other characters aren't as interesting to read about. They usually aren't really doing anything important or accomplishing things major. Its hard to just sideline big name characters so I get wanting to include them and show what they are doing, but it might just be better to just brush them to the side. Unless they are doing something super important to the plot them telling arthas or whoever what they were doing while less cool and natural may work better for the story.

I'm super glad you had Arthes acknowledge himself flirting all the time as not normal. It started off as interesting when dealing with the champions, but then with maiev I was starting to just get annoyed. It was edging on seeming just obnoxiously pointless so I'm glad it calmed down.

Overall a pretty cool fic. Even if you don't continue it I'm not upset about where it left off. Felt a bit bad for Azshara her death scene was pretty brutal with her begging, but I'm glad Arthas knew she was not lying I was really worried you were making her sound like the good guy on accident haha.
8/7/2019 c19 1Azrrael17
I like Arthas. For me Arthas was always the best-made character of all Warcraft and World of warcrarft until then, now they only make copies of him (Silvanas: V).

In a separate case, I wanted to know if you will follow this story, I loved it, although there is a little public in which you want the fic to follow. I have a small YouTube channel, in which the little public who are 700 or 800 wants to know how your fic follows. We hope to someday resume the fic. A pleasure to greet you, I await your next chapter.
5/24/2019 c14 Baranx
I wonder if you'll ever come back..
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