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for one-shot: to protect the one he loves

2/21/2017 c1 darth56
great story to bad you did not write more chapters i guess i can always hop for more
1/19/2017 c1 4ShadowImageComics
hmmm, interesting story. I like to see another chapter some time or a reboot and make it story. Keep up with the good work.
10/13/2016 c1 3WarRedMachine20
interesante historia viejo
8/10/2016 c1 2Nitestalker365
best one-shot I have ever read in my life
5/27/2016 c1 Guest
Your story is awesome
11/16/2015 c1 1Nirvash Neo
in my honest opinion you should do a sequel to this story where Issei learns to master his new powers and further develop his relation ship with Rias
4/9/2015 c1 13creativesm75
1/3/2015 c1 Kaiser Santos
Dude, This is the best Fan Fiction ever. I cried. Manly tears men.
12/31/2014 c1 goku ssjg 2
i want one fanfic when vali win
3/17/2014 c1 jonathan
muy bueno, muy bueno felicitaciones por tu historia.
1/29/2014 c1 3Reishin Amara
Love some of your ideas...but I'd go for the fallen angel maid trio...heh heh.

Or...here is one no one has actually done...let issei join the fallen angels,raynare taking him to azaziel.
11/27/2013 c1 4the DragonBard
Those sound like interesting ideas.

This might be cool if it was expanded or continued.
11/25/2013 c1 5Loopsey
It was a nice fic, for your very first attempt!

The battle was well-detailed, but I'd suggest that you separate the paragraphs up a bit to keep them from being walls of text.

I'll look forward to any more DxD fics that you come up with.
11/25/2013 c1 12Gunmare
Really nice. LoL: I know what you mean with Issei having the Hakuryuukou power with the power of the Sekiryuutei. I recently made a logically for Issei to use the power of the Hakuryuukou.
11/25/2013 c1 Guest
Great one shot and what you said about issei having both gears sounds great plus raynare being his servant / girlfriend or both sounds fantastic id love 2 see that
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