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2/7/2016 c1 57Blue Wolf2
So sweet!
4/24/2015 c1 Guest
This is so cute and fab we need a two years update :)
2/18/2015 c1 Everafter101
Aw I love Tiva! And all your stories are all so good!
7/17/2014 c1 Sue Dooley
Should have said "fantastic". I should read before I post.
7/17/2014 c1 Sue Dooley
2/17/2014 c1 17VG LittleBear
Hi, love this light fluff about Chinese food ... so much potential. Tony's favorite Ninja feeding.
Thanks and cheers!
1/5/2014 c1 diana teo
.Ing. Don't know how you can cobble Chinese food conversations into a coherent collection of cuteness and charm! I like it. :)
12/20/2013 c1 40JustGrace13
So sweet :) I loved it
12/8/2013 c1 IThoughtTheEarthMoved
oi! :D I cannot wait to see where you are going to take this . You have written this so well, I can picture it with every detail in my little head. They are so cute though :')
11/29/2013 c1 jgibbs7
Great story! I liked that Ziva told Tony that this was their thing. I couldn't come up which year I liked best, they were all great.
11/27/2013 c1 Guest
Great story
11/25/2013 c1 Guest
Good story
11/27/2013 c1 JustBecause2012
Aw, that was cute. Always happy to read good Tony - Ziva banter. :)
11/25/2013 c1 93oldmoviewatcher
Can you make a happy, AU 2014 version? Please?
11/25/2013 c1 4naTIVAlu
Oh OH WHERE did you come up with THAT



"*Seafood and cheese.* They do not mix in Chinese cuisine!" :DD

"What makes you think I am the only person in Israel not keeping Kosher?" :DDD

"I like seafood" and "I'm fiercer" and "you and me" and "Tony and Ziva" and I love this.

And everything else just *FLAILS* and they have *after* and oh what are you doing to me O.O

(I wanted to pick a favorite year but I ended up picking all of them.)
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