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for Resident Evil: Waking Death

2/25 c25 Marcoeldepresivo
This story is good my dude, hope you keep at it
10/30/2023 c5 ShankZZ
why did your mc split up when the 1st thing he said in the mansion is not to split up is he retarded or are you forcing a plot as unnaturally as possible
7/30/2023 c10 1EclipseNexus
what is that Dark Id,
5/1/2023 c25 kirosyamcha
Idk what to think about the last 5 or so chapters… it’s like author couldnt decide which direction to take with the story so he took them all and then dropped sorry
5/1/2023 c22 kirosyamcha
Sigh… these last 2 or so chapters have massively diverged from what the rest of the story has been. Kinda not surprised author dropped it at this point.
5/1/2023 c20 kirosyamcha
This whole thing confused the hell out of me.
8/15/2022 c1 Doccer
I am loving this fic.
4/25/2022 c19 Jay-Not-So-Gay-Eleven
3/6/2022 c1 Guest
hello! i am currently reading your naruto what if and i love it i literallly searched up blade8821 fanfiction stories i'm probably gonna read more of your fanfics
1/12/2022 c25 5Thefallenjedi66
What about Dance of Death by iron maiden?
1/12/2022 c7 Thefallenjedi66
So far, so good... I thibk?
11/29/2021 c4 1qwikitty
Wait, how old IS Roy?! Cuz you mentioned that he's younger than Rebecca? I'm so confused, cuz I thought he was military and experienced in combat. That doesn't add up...
11/5/2021 c1 14RedKnight21
Mass Effect reference!
9/13/2021 c10 Nemisis420
lol love the Dr gonzo reference
8/21/2021 c25 Reader
And it was awesome before you muck it with existensial crisis and world reset...

I don't understand why you needed to reset everything and you as the author inserted yourself as a cruel evil b*stard that has in some way had a major part in what's f*cked MC's life and played with his feelings; in such a crude way and so sudden too. It'd be better if the transition was done better like if the MC died first and I honestly think your appearance was totally unnecessary.

Claire and Leon was a b*tch and a d*ck for having sex while the MC was risking his life exploring. The MC just went for like what, a quarter, maybe half hour? And Claire didn't even look repentant. They might be stupid, but their personality shouldn't be like THAT.
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