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for Resident Evil: Waking Death

8/15 c1 Doccer
I am loving this fic.
4/25 c19 Jay-Not-So-Gay-Eleven
3/6 c1 Guest
hello! i am currently reading your naruto what if and i love it i literallly searched up blade8821 fanfiction stories i'm probably gonna read more of your fanfics
1/12 c25 3Thefallenjedi66
What about Dance of Death by iron maiden?
1/12 c7 Thefallenjedi66
So far, so good... I thibk?
11/29/2021 c4 1qwikitty
Wait, how old IS Roy?! Cuz you mentioned that he's younger than Rebecca? I'm so confused, cuz I thought he was military and experienced in combat. That doesn't add up...
11/5/2021 c1 12RedKnight21
Mass Effect reference!
9/13/2021 c10 Nemisis420
lol love the Dr gonzo reference
8/21/2021 c25 Reader
And it was awesome before you muck it with existensial crisis and world reset...

I don't understand why you needed to reset everything and you as the author inserted yourself as a cruel evil b*stard that has in some way had a major part in what's f*cked MC's life and played with his feelings; in such a crude way and so sudden too. It'd be better if the transition was done better like if the MC died first and I honestly think your appearance was totally unnecessary.

Claire and Leon was a b*tch and a d*ck for having sex while the MC was risking his life exploring. The MC just went for like what, a quarter, maybe half hour? And Claire didn't even look repentant. They might be stupid, but their personality shouldn't be like THAT.
7/9/2021 c1 3jiubantai-taicho
Ok actually very interested in this and also some RE village si of someone that actually gets to “do the dirty” with a few hot tamales like the girl that makes it to the villagers house or the lady Dimitrescu or even Mother Miranda since she is actually pretty hot in her human pre infected beast form. And maybe Claire Jill Ashley and all the RE hotties but I guess this will do for now lol.
5/29/2021 c1 Guest
Wtf is wrong with the Re fanfiction making OCs super soldiers. Can't they be regular fucking people.
2/25/2021 c21 1Jask1179
Preferred the burned CIA agent backstory honestly.
2/13/2021 c15 Ruberforumfree
Are you ever returning in this for the new resident evil? or making a new one?
1/9/2021 c25 Sabertoothfox
I need more of this in my life.
1/8/2021 c25 StarBoundDisaster
Sigh I was starting to like how your story was going, it saddens me that you reset everything, but I suppose this is all you could do to salvage the story since I take it you wrote yourself into a corner.
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