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for Resident Evil: Waking Death

8/20/2017 c7 3tatewaki2000
You're amazinggg!
8/20/2017 c6 tatewaki2000
You are full of amazing! Thank you!
8/20/2017 c5 tatewaki2000
You so kewwwwwl
8/20/2017 c4 tatewaki2000
U Kewl kewl ;)
8/20/2017 c3 tatewaki2000
What a wonderfull fic. :)
8/20/2017 c2 tatewaki2000
You are brilliant! You are amazing! Ahhhhhhhh!
8/20/2017 c1 tatewaki2000
Oh wow! This is awesome!
5/12/2017 c18 2zachshadrack
Ok I would like to know Roy's background will it be revealed later? on because my curiosity is incredibly fickle.
1/10/2017 c6 Unluckykid
oh wow i remember this story will there be additional updates
1/8/2017 c18 1PointlessSanity
I Opened my eyes... to realize... WHERE IS MOOAR?!
1/8/2017 c13 PointlessSanity
Jesus... I Never liked resident evil. AT ALL. played the fifth and sixth game for the lawlz... but this... god damn... I'm in love
12/30/2016 c18 zakripng
Does the OC meet Alice from the RE movie?
12/28/2016 c3 LoamyCoffee
Um, did The Dark Id change his name or delete his account cause I can't find them.
12/26/2016 c18 2TheSuperMario
Ah, after rereading this again along with the update, this is one of the more funner resident evil fics where we have a really op oc that is pretty much taking the dreary situations of the original and just drop kicking it to hell and replacing it with a fuck load of awesome that is really fun to see with how you pulled 0 and 1 real nice. Can't wait for how the continuation will come out along with the rest of the awesome Roy will pull out and getting the heroes of the series a boost is a nice touch up as well.
12/25/2016 c18 2Rmito
Welcome back you beautiful bastard. As always your humor is refreshing and witty. Really looking forward to how the Berkin situation resolves
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