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for Resident Evil: Waking Death

12/11/2013 c8 5Orchamus
And the T-Virus infection mutates Roy to something even more dangerous than mutated Wesker...this is gonna be good, though I do wonder if Rebecca could get a blood transfusion and perhaps gain some of that if she survives her infection.
12/8/2013 c7 Kaioo
Ooooh.. Roy said he's with the CIA? Gonna be awkward if when they get out CIA turns up and is all 'Ya'll are being arrested'... Or it'd be funny if he was actually a CIA agent.
12/8/2013 c7 Orchamus
Damn, nice cover, fits right into their suspicions and allows for more leeaway as they go. Hopefully Rebecca survives, cause she's looking a bit iffy as things are going...maybe have them face off with Wesker and get the serum he injected into himself in her?
12/8/2013 c7 5Golum936
As always great quotes. This chapter is great, some character development, but I'm not sure how Roy will keep his cover as CIA going for long. Please tell me you're not going to kill Rebecca, that will be such a waste. Anyway awesome chapter, keep up the great work.
12/6/2013 c6 5Orchamus
Damn, here's to hoping Becca survives, cause her dying would be a crying shame, she's easily the best female character other than Jill in the series.
12/6/2013 c4 Orchamus
Huh, damn good chapter, another bullet mode moment, and more Rebecca teasing, always funny.
12/6/2013 c3 Orchamus
Ah, always good, this story chock full of innuendo, crude and sly humor, drama, and wtf the moments.
12/6/2013 c2 Orchamus
Well, hot damn, that went well, no boss fight on top of the train lol, just the crash and time to dash.
12/6/2013 c1 Orchamus
Huh, this does start off a lot better than the old one, much easier to read and far more presentable.
11/27/2013 c6 5Golum936
Omg those little quotes at the especially second from the top, I lol'd so hard I'm gonna feel it tomorrow.
About the story, are you fcking kidding, how dare you get Rebecca bitten you bastardo. I absolutely loved every word of this chapter, but jokes aside I seriously did not see Rebecca getting bit coming I thought you were gonna kill Billy off or get him bitten not Rebecca. Anyway great chapter, awesome jokes and congratulations on breaking the wall(you which one I'm talking about).
11/27/2013 c5 3Yurei Hanatsuki
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries! *starts throwing random farm animals from over castle walls*
11/27/2013 c4 Yurei Hanatsuki
Maybe not Dante, so much as Vergil or Arkham. (You've seen Dante's work, right? That room would have been a wreck if it was Dante's doing!)

Okay, this time-slowing thing Roy's doing reminds me of the Adrenaline Rush ability for a Soldier-class Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect franchise. Considering the pic of N7 Armor on the cover, I'll take a shot in the dark (no pun intended, though I don't doubt it is one.) and say that's where you got it from?
11/27/2013 c3 Yurei Hanatsuki
To quote Deadpool for five seconds...GUN-BONER! xD
11/26/2013 c5 5Golum936
First review, NICE! I read those first five chapters in the fic that you deleted, but didn't want to waste review so I'm gonna leave it now. I actually like how MC is more mortal and your jokes crack me up every time. I especially liked the one about transplant, as MC said that's just wrong on so many levels not to mention funny as hell. Anyway, wanted to say that you're doing great job so far and hope you update soon.
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