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for Resident Evil: Waking Death

2/9/2020 c24 Hawkin's Chance
happiness parameters achieved from words that formulate various sentences into paragraphs that makes up the new expressive digital media chapter have been released. This solar rotaion has been most fortuitous, parameters recalibrating for future installments.
2/9/2020 c24 4DarkMatter 22
keep up the great work and I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I wish you and your family the best of luck in your endeavor.
2/8/2020 c24 reaperofsanity
I love it, please keep it coming, this story is hilarious
1/26/2020 c22 Nitroman98
Please update I'm really looking forward to reading this fanfiction
1/11/2020 c23 sloksingh45
Please update
1/11/2020 c22 sloksingh45
Please update soon
1/11/2020 c1 sloksingh45
I like it please continue
12/4/2019 c19 Chabu
12/4/2019 c11 Chabu
2 months early for them to get the Metal Gear reference, tragic.
12/4/2019 c6 Chabu
What do you mean old mantra from a video game, that was literally the creed of the True Sith from star wars
11/11/2019 c3 Zero
11/11/2019 c2 Zero
11/11/2019 c1 Zero
11/8/2019 c23 Nitroman98
Please update I love the story
10/29/2019 c22 2MiharuTousaka
Also forgot it in last review but RIP everyone Roy saved. uwu
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