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5/14/2014 c13 3CarbMother
Please continue the story! I really enjoy it!
1/25/2014 c13 ella
Pleaseeee update your story it's too amazing to not !
1/8/2014 c13 AnimeWhoLockDiaries
OMFG this is one of the first Sherlock fanfictions I've read and it is amazing. I love ones where people are in a coma I fun them really exciting and a test of the other characters personality. By the way love the mind thing between Sherlock and Molly put in more of that its really amusing.
1/6/2014 c13 27HeadSmashedInBuffaloJump
Good job. Update soon!
1/4/2014 c13 1Flipperthepenguin
This is such a great and original story. Please continue soon!
1/2/2014 c12 jackwagnerfan
Let something tragic happen to Sherlock and Molly watches Sherlock take his last breathe but that is if u want to and I love this story so much!
12/26/2013 c12 4Renaissancebooklover108
i think you uploaded this one twice by accident :)
great story btw!
12/24/2013 c11 8FireUpTheIQ
Please continue cause this is just awesome
12/24/2013 c11 1SammyKatz
I was wondering if her eyes would do that if both of them were there. Coil. Thank you.
12/23/2013 c10 2Bookworm45669
Oh gosh. Molly. I'm so sorry.
Maybe, sometime after the Fall? You know, when Sherlock was still in hiding, and he was driving her nuts? Or maybe after the Jim stuff. Or a Scandal in Belgravia.
Am I right?
Keep writing!
12/22/2013 c9 jackwagnerfan
let molly be at sherlock's bed side when dies
12/22/2013 c9 Bookworm45669
*sighs* Really, Sherlock? REALLY? You just re-saw the Christmas party thing and then you make a comment like that?
Molly, you had every right to banish him to the corner.
Keep writing!
12/22/2013 c9 lucy
this story is so unique and cool !
12/21/2013 c9 8FireUpTheIQ
Dang I have no clue who to feel worse for but anyways nice chapter at least hope u update soon :)
12/21/2013 c9 1SammyKatz
Not to mention, he is the reason she is crying. AGAIN! He really does bumble his way into hurting her in the show. good job.
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