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for While You Were Dark

1/18/2014 c3 YoreReader
Oh gosh, Joan! I can't even articulate what I want to say. Everybody's mourning. On top of it all, she feels responsible. Not only for Annie and Teo but for Auggie, too. They are her "babies" after all.
1/18/2014 c2 YoreReader
Man, oh man. This is exceptional writing. My emotions are in turmoil just reading through what Auggie's been feeling. I can feel his agony and I don't think I can take it. He's a wreck. I'm a wreck! *sobs*
1/18/2014 c1 YoreReader
This was really emotional. I could feel how difficult it must have been for Auggie to make that call. To tell that lie.

One thing though. The last line? Why was he hoping for Annie to be happy? I think it would have made more sense if he hoped she'd be safe.

Still doesn't take away from the whole. It still hurts.
12/20/2013 c1 3cherithcutestory2
Woohoo! A new chapter! Love it. :)
12/18/2013 c3 12Covert Affairs Intelligence
Great chapter! Could u do one more abt Joan's thought after she finds oh Annie's alive I know it doesn't do perfectly woth the story. It technical when Joan funds out Annie's still dark.
12/18/2013 c3 MrMsMingus
These are short but emotion packed! That last one had me on the verge of tears. I love these glimpses into their struggle. It's overwhelmingly good.
12/18/2013 c3 37Marie King
Wow this was a amazingly well written installment!
You once again captured Joan's thoughts and feelings incredibly well

Please keep updating this I'd love to
12/1/2013 c1 LUVIDINA
Please continue..it's good to read about the ramifications of Annie decision to go were many consequences to that decision for everyone! Love to read more! Good job!
11/30/2013 c2 20DiggyDelena
I'm not sure which one deserves more praise, the powerful use of emotion in your story, or how you write it so flawlessly and equally powerfully. It just feels like a natural extension of the actual show. Can't wit for anything else you have planned for us. ]
11/30/2013 c2 36Epona3
This was great.
11/29/2013 c2 37Marie King
Wow this was a awesome 2nd chapter!
You wrote once again Auggie's feelings of pain and abandonment with such emotional clarity I was blown away!

Please continue this story I am psyched to read more :)
11/27/2013 c1 3Moons88
Hi sweetie,
I know that I haven't been active in ages but I guess that as I became unsure how to wrap up my story, life got in the way and I just couldn't bring myself to finish it. I have thought about returning to it now, but it feels as though maybe people have forgotten what was about now, what do you think? Also, I don't know if my inspiration is what it was at the moment, so I fear that I might not do it (and you, my readers) justice anyway. We'll see. And now that the whole season 4 has elapsed too, maybe my storyline is quite obsolete anyway?

Your story, as always is amazing. I thought about something similar, write about the other characters while Annie went dark. Their feelings and thoughts. It's so good and I'm looking forward to read your next installment. You rock!

I've also thought about trying to write a new fanfiction, taking place after season 4 ends, what do you think?

11/26/2013 c1 37Marie King
Wow this is awesome story it is very short but you as usual captured the characters of Covert Affairs incredibly well

Please write more chapters :)
11/26/2013 c1 6bouc0101
Not many words but to the point. Love your story. Just wish the CA writters had given this delicate situation more time on the show!
11/26/2013 c1 36Epona3
Yay! I'm glad you are writing again.

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