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for And the Days That Never Came

10/15/2019 c44 5Pandoricas Box
Karen would've liked to hang around with Nine, Ten, and Rose?! I know this is old but WHERES YOUR TUMBLR PLEASE YOU SAID YOU POSTED THE PICS I NEEEEEED TO SEEEEEEEEEEEEE
6/17/2018 c4 WalkingZombie
I’m reading this at 3 am and I can’t stop
5/13/2018 c1 Guest
This chapter was just a rehash of that episode, without just a few lines to acknowledge Amy is there.
2/19/2018 c17 3IpiuGate
The bit about the pregnancy and Jack and the adoption has been repeated, it looks like I've read the exact same dialogue in the first story at some point. It made more sense then since Jack was still traveling with them.
8/24/2017 c21 Guest
DAMN do i HATE the girl in the fireplace episode because The Doctor was BEING A STUPID PRAT hurting ma baby Rose!
1/25/2017 c41 SpaceAutumn
Thank you Amy! There are too many scenes that need a 'Would you just kiss already!'.
11/30/2016 c41 4Diving in
What about Love and Monsters? Do you have something against that episode?
11/30/2016 c40 Diving in
River want to save Rose? Why?
11/29/2016 c9 Diving in
You know I never thought about the Clara plot thing. Good thinking.
11/29/2016 c5 Diving in
I always found Matt Smith, thinner than David Tennant.
9/1/2016 c15 5CraZy Blue MonKey
Oh my gosh really. The only good and plenty D stories are rose and ten. I would like Rose better if people wouldn't force the suddle...not so suddle Rose and ten forever and if you can't deal jump off a bridge. I still doubt Amy would love the TenRose more than her own daughter/best friend coupling with the doctor. Plus she is more in the shoe with Sarah Jane than Rose. I know she like Rose but still it doesn't sound like something Amy would think. I mean come on. you may have the time dog but she has the doctor. Side eye for real. you might as well made a OC would traveled with her doctor after Rose. Most people like cake but if you force it down a person's throat like in Matilda you get a person hating cake. Good story just don't be so heavy handed on the read between thin lines romance between Rose and the doctors. Also don't be hard on Sarah Jane, Rose was being salty too. She really thought she was his only traveling companion other than Amy. She was only good with that because Amy is a faithful wife.
4/9/2016 c53 12Dawnaven
Ahhh! I can't believe Rory got trapped in the alternate universe! I thought you were going to actually save Rose :( Great story though, I really liked it.
3/5/2016 c1 GoogleMe
Okay, so, just judging by the first chapter but..

Seems like you're using Amy as an author-insert character because she's all knowledgeable about the Doctor despite this Rose clearly having all the memories of canon...
1/14/2016 c18 Kjar
Amy was held on Demon's Run in the 52nd century, not the 51st...
1/12/2016 c16 Kjar
Sarah's eyes filled with eyes? I didn't know that was possible...
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