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11/11/2014 c15 1515Acesplz
omgomg I can't wait to hear more!
7/11/2014 c15 Raiponze
I discovered your story and I read it all in once, and I loved it!
6/12/2014 c14 118Sand-wolf579
I am really loving this story. Gosh, I feel a little sorry for Nicky, he seriously did like Lucille (Goodness only knows why.) and it must've hurt a lot to be dumped like that. But seriously, I couldn't feel more overjoyed about it, Lucille was awful, to Rod and just in general. I hope to see more.
6/9/2014 c14 Broadway Evanescence
Wow. That song is one of my favorites and that was soooo cute! Please update soon!
6/9/2014 c13 Broadway Evanescence
Oh my... What will happen next?! This is the best story I have read in a long time!
6/9/2014 c11 Broadway Evanescence
I hate Lucy!
6/9/2014 c8 Broadway Evanescence
Oh no! I can't wait to read the rest! Your writing is amazing.
6/9/2014 c6 Broadway Evanescence
I love how you added Frozen. That was REALLY deep lol.
6/9/2014 c4 Broadway Evanescence
OMG! This is too cute for words. Your characters are spot on!
6/9/2014 c1 Broadway Evanescence
This is so freaking adorable.
5/12/2014 c14 4MontMomo
When will this be updated again?! I love it!
4/21/2014 c6 Jade
I adore this entire story, but this chapter in particular, with the modified For The First Time In Forever lyrics, is beautiful. 3
4/17/2014 c14 Lizzlie's
When I saw the first line of the song I started to cry of laughter LOL and couldn't help but sing along LOOOL
4/5/2014 c13 2aliner-wiener
Chapter… end… cliffhanger… no more to read… oh god you have to continue this!
3/25/2014 c13 4MontMomo
Why do I keep assuming that your not going to continue this?! Sigh, I guess that's because that has happened with a lot of fics that I like… I'm a little paranoid...
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