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for Weakness

8/7/2016 c21 LJ717
Great story. I just happened across the show on Netflix and watched both seasons. Loved Bass and Charley. Disappointed that they canceled the show.
12/17/2015 c21 BassCharlie-SparrowHawke
Yes...I can't tell you how glad I am that they are finally together. You can't fight chemistry like theirs. Even baby Bass caught on and stopped hitting on her. So happy that you are writing again. We all understand how life gets in the way though :)
12/16/2015 c21 AshleyStewart09
So good
12/15/2015 c21 bruz
thank you for having finished this
great ending
12/14/2015 c20 BassCharlie-SparrowHawke
Yay! Finally the truth comes out...and it's a good thing Connor backed off of Charlie because she is not for him...ever. Bass and Charlie are stronger when they are together maybe they will both realize that soon.
8/1/2015 c19 AshleyStewart09
Please write more.
11/9/2014 c19 32hayj
I know the ending of the show took the wind out of everyone's sails, but I would love to see this continued or wrapped up.
4/15/2014 c19 8IslandGurl90
Please update
2/22/2014 c19 31lostinmysticfalls
Bahaha! The ending, nice :) Bass needs to stop being so volatile and just give it to Charlie straight.
2/22/2014 c18 lostinmysticfalls
This chapter made me laugh. Connor's such a little sh*t but he's way funnier in this than the show. "What's a soap opera?" Haha the best.
2/16/2014 c19 Guest
I can totally imagine everyone trying to protect Charlie and her saying that the only person with any right to do so was Aaron because he was the only one who had been there for her
2/16/2014 c19 Guest
Loved it
2/17/2014 c19 Mootje81
Thank you for those great chapters!
Nothing further to add, Drama Queen127 just nailed it :-)
2/16/2014 c19 2DramaQueen127
Rofl. Bass cut the crap and get to business. No more hot and cold crap! If you want to kiss her kiss here! And kick Conners butt if he so much as blinks in response! Deal with Miles and Rachel later...not in that order though! The crap with Rachel needs to be settled! She was a brat for throwing that on you like that and then making you carry her baggage.
2/16/2014 c19 BassCharlie-SparrowHawke
I really like the story but I hate the whole Connor Charlie idea it should be Bass and Charlie!
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