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for Three Minutes

8/22/2014 c1 155NephilimEQ
Yes! The Ninth is, and always will be, hers. My Nine/Rose heart is breaking. Well done! :)
3/12/2014 c1 12Blue Stone Shining Wolf
Lovely but it makes me cry. :(
2/20/2014 c1 162Grac3
Okay, that hurt. But it was gorgeous, and I love that their relationship didn't go on to Ten.
1/2/2014 c1 elisedorian
I'm relatively new to Doctor Who but I can't get over The Parting of the Ways. Ten x Rose is just not the same as Nine x Rose. I absolutely loved their chemistry on screen and this little fic is just perfect, even though it brought me to tears!
11/29/2013 c1 Guest
That was so bittersweet. So many feels for NinexRose to this day. I am so glad they were able to say good-bye to each other and finally say "I love you". They had so little time together, but it was packed with so much love and adventure. Thanks for posting!
11/28/2013 c1 39TiaKisu
Good grief, how can you do this to us? Send us right back to experience the heart-break that Nine's parting caused all over again.
Seriously, your little fic reminded me of why I still have troubles watching the Parting of Ways. This last ep of the ninth Doctor just gets to me, and so does this story.

It's such a beatiful idea to make them have the opportunity to see each other again and if it's just for these few precious minutes. At the same time, this is utterly sad and heart-wrenching because it makes her lose him once more. At least though, this time they could tell each other how they felt and that's nothing but lovely.

I see, you belong to the few of us who ship Rose with Nine. That's brilliant. Most people kinda forget about him and only or at least mainly ship her with Ten, which really is a pity. I miss this incarnation a whole lot, and the great chemistry he had with Rose and with Jack.

So thanx for sharing a little love for Rose and her first Doctor! I enjoyed the read a lot. :)

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