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for Harry Potter - Air Elemental

10/23/2022 c3 Jimhh
I don't know if you plan on continuing this story, but in my opinion I think it's off to a very good start and can't wait to see were it goes from here, yes Sirius should go free as the potter will can now be read since harry claime heirship.
7/24/2021 c3 indie0209
6/20/2021 c3 2Ionnizerstr
I'd love to see more of this story! it's really good. and one of few that i can say so about.
5/27/2021 c1 Guest
1/7/2018 c3 D0 y0u even read br0
This... Is... AMMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGGG! I hope you do end up continuing the story, although things are looking bleak at this point. You're an amazing author.
8/19/2017 c3 dragons9
This is good please continue the story...I would like for Neville to be Harry's best friend and for Neville to be with Luna and Harry be with Daphne...both Harry and Neville be Griffindore and Luna and Daphne in Ravenclaw...they are both smart...and Harry and Neville are both smart and courageous and they don't take crap from anyone...and can u put harry finishing up muggle school...I would like for him to get his diploma before he goes off to Hogwarts...what about harry invisibility cloak the Dumbledore has when will he get it...and as for Sirius get him out as soon as possible...I love Harry/Siri bonding...can Sirius adopt him and that way he will be Potter-Black
3/17/2017 c1 ShadowLady89
where hav thou been it being so long
12/22/2016 c3 Lorraine Hackett
1/24/2016 c3 6ShotaroxPhillip
question I love this story so I want to ask you when is the next chapter coming?
3/21/2015 c3 3WhiteWhisperingWind
c'mon...this needs to be updated...
3/11/2015 c3 Guest
When the next chapter
1/3/2015 c3 12merlinfrostE
Love this story, please continue because I love the concept of Harry be an elemental
1/1/2015 c3 jayyfallen
pls update soon
8/14/2014 c1 Guest
do a evil Dumbledore
6/20/2014 c3 Guest
Ack! Please update soon! Now, if possible! I want to know what happens!
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