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7/16/2015 c1 4piningspaceboys
:O :O :O :O :O well then
11/28/2013 c1 Thaddeus
Really well done.
11/29/2013 c1 33ThingsWithWings
Wow! What a summary you have there!

Anyways, this is good and all, but it's really just a few lines of him thinking and the rest re-telling that part of the movie/book. Oh, and speaking of movie...


Oh my god I'm so excited it's gonna be awesome and stuff and oooooh it's gonna be greeeaat...

But seriously, before we go, I need to watch some of the trailers to get re-hyped, cuz I'm just not feeling it right now.

I just realized something.

I need to write.

Oh, god, it's been so long since I've written anything, and I need to get back on that.

I need somebody to nag me about it or else I'm probably just not going to do it.

Oh, and I lost The Game. Again. Honestly, I really don't try to think about it, it just sort of... makes itself known.

I for some reason REALLY want to play Minecraft right now.

Random fact: I had this really weird dream last night that I was on somebody's porch of either a store or their house, and this fat Mexican guy was talking to me in Spanish (there were like, 2 or 3 other guys there but only the one was talking, the rest just sort of stood there and stared at me) and I swear I didn't know him. But anyways, he started talking really fast in Spanish or some other exotic language and it now just sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo he made up. But I must have understood him, because I replied with equal speed to him, and his face got red (when his face turned red, he also turned white, not Mexican) and looked a little like this ( .-. ) but not upside-down. And then he said (from what I remember) "Well, you could have just said it in English" and then we started talking and eventually I started talking about bananas. Now, for some reason, I was exploding with words about the word 'banana'. "It's funny, because I have an American accent, but when I say 'banana', I say it with a British accent. Isn't that just so weird? Like, I used to say it 'banana' with an American accent, but for some reason, I've been saying it with a British accent lately. I really don't know why, it's just so weird!" So yeah. I think that's probably one of the strangest yet down-to-earth-at-the-same-time dreams I've ever had.

So you know what's sad? i don't even want to play Minecraft anymore. And, as a bonus, I think I'm stuck sayng (and thinking) 'banana' in a British accent for the rest of my life. And I lost The Game. Again. Fu-

Sensei (long story)
11/28/2013 c1 18gkmoberg1
Thanks for a really good one-shot! I like how you build Marvel into a person. He gets to have emotions, bonds, worries/fears, and regret. ::happy applause:: He feels real by the end.

(quibble: I don't think Marvel and the other Careers knew of Rue's alliance with Katniss.)

You could consider reworking this into a longer form. Your creativity opens up several insights to Marvel's life and his immediate worries. But the length of this keeps you from developing them - this one-shot ends with me wondering what more there could be. (Consider it a compliment whenever a Reader is asking for more!)

Thanks again! Hoping you write another :D

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