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10/14/2014 c4 2AlchemistLyn
Hahaha! I love the fact that she just knocked him out like that! That would have been soooooo funny in real life.
4/9/2014 c4 4covered-in-frosting
4/9/2014 c1 covered-in-frosting
This is awesome! Please continue
3/25/2014 c4 gjjackson90
. A-MASH-INGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Can you feel my eyes sparkling from your scren? Can you? CAN YOU?!
2/14/2014 c4 Questionable
OH MY JESUS that was flat out AMAZING and I loved every second of it! My favorite part was her beating the CRAP out of that creep! :P
2/14/2014 c4 Syren27
Please wright more, ur stories r amazing!
2/14/2014 c4 Guest
This is reaaallllyyy awesome! Keep writing! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! :)
2/14/2014 c4 1MoonlightCatcher8
Aww I love this story! :) I hope you update soon!
2/7/2014 c3 k
Update please, and awesome story, you know Cake being a policewoman actually suits her
2/7/2014 c3 MoonlightCatcher8
Wow this chapter was cute! I can't wait to see how this story progresses.
2/5/2014 c3 Questionable
Dude this story makes me happy! FYI you KILLED me with the long non-updatingness but I understand that you have a life outside of fanfiction (even if I don't like that jk) please don't let them part so easily :P
2/5/2014 c3 Questionable
YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY! Finally an update :) I am ABSOLUTLY in love with this story and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't ever go that long without an update it kills me! Anyhow thanks so much for the great story and I can't wait to read more! :P
2/6/2014 c3 TheBoyWhoLived190
Oooo! Please continue!
1/7/2014 c2 22FoRsak3n
Oh my grawsh, Marcy is so cute! And Marshall is such a pervert, haha, I love it!

I will totes help with this story if you still want me too. Just message me on here or Deviantart and we can talk about it.
12/26/2013 c2 Questionable
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