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4/2/2004 c1 The Randomful Trio
One word (in a good sense)-
2/11/2003 c1 12Ben Kitsune
Yeah, I'm pretty sure my old Yellow team is REALLY pissed off at me right about now for deleting them...and maybe my old Silver team right along with them.

Then again, I've started so many new games it ain't even funny...makes me think twice about starting a fresh, new game...O_o. Anyhoo, it was great. Terrific. Keep up the great work.

11/15/2002 c1 Supermoo
I found that pretty funny. :P It was moinnnnnnnky, you shouldddda got more reviews for this. You took an old concept and twisted it around and found something completely new, the abandoned pokemon thing is so overused but the deleted pokemon... Muah, lozza people take games too seriously.
9/28/2002 c1 13Morbane
(dramatic pause)

And *that's* why you use a gameboy emulator. Nice phrase, 'the storm of old zeroes and ones'. Good to see you're still out there, C.

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