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10/2/2015 c18 26Quiet Waters
It's a great feeling when you finish a story no? At least it was for me when I finished my 333K monster!

Just another enjoyable (That's probably not the right word though) little chapter that illustrates about what happened on the other end of the line Gwen called.

Rejoice once more Chloe! I'm reminding you that you've finished a fic! Something that doesn't happen every day on here!

10/2/2015 c17 Quiet Waters
Come on, really? :D

It's actually sad that there isn't any word on how and why these people came together. It would've been a nice, small addition for the depth of the chapter, but I like it nonetheless!

1 thing I forgot to mention last chapter though, get a more reliable spellcheck. Even if the errors I found are rather minor and while I do understand that no matter how well you check, they slip through anyway!

10/2/2015 c16 Quiet Waters
Huh, I wonder what those other chapters are about then! :]

Ah, a bittersweet ending. Gwen lost her lifelong pal for 10 months. Her homeland is reduced to a sizzling mess, many of her other loved ones are gone as well and she has faced what sounds like a depression (Though I won't hold that last one against her). But she hopefully looks towards the future!

You want thoughts and comments on this story? You get thoughts and comments on this story!

Let's see... the pacing of the story was great! You started out with a tense moment, only to leave us readers hanging for how that came to be! In between, you alternated between chapters focusing on tension, action and interaction! Really, there's nothing wrong with this!

Character portrayal was... how should I say it? Courtney didn't feel like the canon Courtney at times, but seeing the situation and the setting, that largely excuses it! Gwen, Mike and Zoey had personalities that fitted them greatly (And on a sidenote, Mike having been infected does so as well!), from Zoey's innocence to Gwen's resolute stance. It was good! Definitely!

Character development? Hmm, I've got to say that Courtney's was most notable. She matured from this scared girl in the dark corner to the rugged trekker she died as! That surely was admirable!

If I was to give a con as well, I have to say that Scott X Courtney wasn't really necessary (Like I said 12 reviews or so back). Mainly on the behalf of Scott hardly ever saying anything in the story and the lack of advancement and relevance to the general story.

That is all, I hope it has been relevant feedback!

Now let's see what those extras have in store!

It's been a good read and I am terribly sorry for reading it for the R n' S so late!

10/2/2015 c15 Quiet Waters
Sometimes, plans are so crazy that they work. Except that Courtney had to sacrifice herself, even with the memory and the horror of turning still fresh. So the plan was apparently not 'crazy' enough. Yet still, will this new 'Safe' haven be worth her death?

Ouch, no half measure was taken. Nuking the entire country? I understand it'd be necessary, but still... that'd means the remaining survivors will die grizzly deaths as well. It's sad. Really.

10/2/2015 c14 Quiet Waters
And so Cody's sacrifice continues to plague the remaining survivors with dread and guilt. But they should remember that though his physical being is gone, he will live on in their hearts. Which, thinking about it, may just torment them a little more.

I wonder if Courtney will succumb to the cure, because it seems it isn't able to lift the curse of infection without instilling a few nasty side effects.

Fine, I take back what I said about Courn. It gives comfort to them both in these hard times. And I previously failed to understand that.

''The unknowing of the dark had been replaced with the knowing of the light.'' That is so poetic! I like that line!

And so it was, that the safe haven they longed for, turned out to be just like the hell they went through. This can't end well, it should be. And I'm actually nervous to find out what happens...

10/1/2015 c13 Quiet Waters
Hmm, that's a side effect that looks nothing more than harmless, but can kill in the wrong situations! My guess? Mike dies this way!

Speaking of kill, Cody died a noble death. It always is if you give your life for the enduring survival of others, especially a grizzly death as his! [

So, let's go read about the aftermath of his sacrifice, right after I've come back from work!

10/1/2015 c12 Quiet Waters
Great, the whole ordeal surrounding Courtney almost made me sick, which in a sense is a good thing because I almost puked because you worded it so brilliantly!

Ugh, judging from everything that cure does, I don't think I'd be able to handle it. I fear puking, and from what I just read, it's a requirement if you want to live!

I was about to point out that the other 4 appearing out of nowhere was a massive plot hole, but then I realized (And read) that that's what that paper probably was for! It made her realize that she didn't have a choice but call them!

So the Scott X Courtney plot is over? Okay. To me it felt as if it never really lead to anything, as I can't recall any notable moments of it.

Intriguing chapter I say!

10/1/2015 c11 Quiet Waters
You've captured the agony well. Both of Courtney and Gwen, seeing the grim situation they're in. Will Courtney end up as Hyde like Mike? And I may've read about it before, but what was that piece of paper about again?

It's also sweet to see Gwen finally not wanting to leave Cody, seeing how she was largely indifferent to him in the past few chapters.

;:] (Because :D is not appropriate for the current mood!),
10/1/2015 c10 Quiet Waters
And so we're back at the beginning. Nice way of doing so by the way!

What can be said about this chapter that hasn't been about the first? Oh, I know! Now I'll get to know how this all finishes (While casually ignoring the fact that we're still 8 chapters away from the end)! Was it worth the binge-reading? Let's find out!

10/1/2015 c9 Quiet Waters
Just like in canon, Cody is fascinated by Gwen. I wonder how he would react if he learnt Courtney and Gwen had a thing. At first he'd be disappointed, and get excited soon after! But I think Gwen got much more excited of the firepower he offered!

Speaking of the Courn feels, I'm not happy with how they seemed to dominate a good part of the chapter. Sorry, I had to say that.

Anyway, Cody joining is good. 3 are better than 2 right? Right? What isn't good are the zombies slowly overwhelming them... they should really do something about that. Which probably happens next chapter!

10/1/2015 c8 Quiet Waters
Don't mind the last review, I kinda misread that last paragraph!

So instead of the bleak prospects and ominous people, we get a nice and slow-paced chapter starring Courtney and Gwen alone. And things get deep between them... real deep. And I've got to say; was that really necessary? It felt a little... random but sure it was foreshadowed a little by means of Gwen's ever growing bond with her, but still.

And to offer a nice change, at the end of the chapter, we have zombies. Tons of them!

Like it said on the tin, this chapter was heated indeed! :D

10/1/2015 c7 Quiet Waters
WILLIGB,BIJGW? That sounds like me when I'm trying to talk with liquid in my mouth! :D

It's evident that this story was started after All Stars, because reading the Scott X Courtney feels like TDAS all over again!

Anyway, it's clear that we're facing a difficult situation. Courtney wants to help develop the cure, but she knows (But doesn't want to accept) that the researchers themselves are probably... less than ethical, trustworthy and other things like that!

Once more, let's see if I am correct!

10/1/2015 c6 Quiet Waters
Okay, Zoey's skittishness is justified. But how willMike act when he has a bout of zombie going over him?

So they are doing benevolent research on countering the infection? That's good and all, but I still don't trust it for 1 bit.

Canada's government (You know, the last one before the zombies) had an odd way of functioning if Blaineley's words are anything to by!

Dun dun dun dun! New plotline! Who is this clearly Hispanic girl? What secrets and answers will she have? And how will the researchers get them if they get that girl? I dunno! Let's find out!

10/1/2015 c5 Quiet Waters
Like I said, it's great and all that Court and Gwen are being looked after, but really, what with all the shady business going on? Zoey seems to be the only newly introduced character that doesn't seem untrustworthy, but still, she seems to be hiding something. Or is that just a neurotic streak of hers?

Well, guess I didn't get to read this anymore yesterday. Not that it mattered that much because I've been kicked out of the Read and Swap, but I'll still continue to read! I made a commitment, and I will deliver!

On to the next chapter!

9/30/2015 c4 Quiet Waters
Even if you're going through the darkest tunnel, there's a light in the distance. This couldn't apply better to this chapter! Decent food, shelter, safety and maybe even rescue!

Though, reading the next chapter's title, Alejandro doesn't seem to be the saving grace he looks to be. Like in canon actually.

Okay then, 1 more chapter!

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