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for The God Beast Ninja Tamer

10/1/2018 c2 Borello
damnit. the story sounds very interesting and i hoped to read more chapter.
4/5/2017 c2 Jeremy JK
I want more man come on dont leave a brother hangin
5/3/2015 c2 11Crow-DarkHeart
More please.
1/22/2015 c2 N
Keep going its good so far and elder dragon ‚ wolf ‚ and gargoyle god armor
12/28/2014 c2 Guest
I would give him the armer of the Hydra god ( sehapet djour) because it has incredable reanimation/ healing abilittys like Kurama or Do to strangth naruto should get the armer of the edler dragon ( aramez the malovelant)
7/22/2014 c2 AnimeFreak71777
Please update! :D
4/20/2014 c2 norris321
interesting story liking it so far.
12/6/2013 c2 4Michael Bourne
5 *
11/30/2013 c1 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up update soon

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