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for Something Unexplainable

10/23/2014 c1 2Kasukabe12
Will there be more?
12/2/2013 c1 3xStylennybuttmanx
Hahaha cute Buttman xD

yea i know slash is not really your thing

I do love slash n friendship both :P

Thanks for the update!
11/30/2013 c1 idkgba27
Hiya amiga (friend)!
Garsh i read this whole thing with dorkiest fangirliest smile in the world!
Thanks so much i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!
Even if you think otherwise it was absolute perfectio Butters was sooooo cute and him forgetting his sleeping bag was such a coincidence...
And cartman yeah he's still an asshole but he's a got a secret faggy soft spot for butters!
Im SOOOOOO happy that i get to be your exception to your no-yaoi rule!
Geez thanks a lot!

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