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2/20/2017 c4 3RainbowBoxer
LOL. I think I feel Chad's pain. I actually did slap my palm to my forehead. :)

Looking forward to reading more, if you still want to write that is?
12/4/2013 c3 8AceShadow
LOL, "QUIT ADMIRING YOURSE", haha. Hilarious chapter, or one shot, or, well you know what I mean..
12/1/2013 c4 51Cobwebbs
Ok, Ima tell you, I truly had no idea what Rachel was talking about ( I know dorky right.). But Chad's reaction was funny. And I am so glad you posted them so fast. Please post more soon. It just makes me so happy when someone adds to this small yet amazing 274/362 community, keep up the amazing work2
12/1/2013 c3 Cobwebbs
One word: HA-LAR-I-OUS! It was also a bit longer, loved it, laughed at Abby's end line, "Quit admiring yourself in my mirror" HAH, Priceless...
12/1/2013 c2 Cobwebbs
Aww, talk about whipped, LOL, Rachel just as attached, your real good at putting feeling in such short pieces! But again... to short, I NEED MORE!
12/1/2013 c1 Cobwebbs
So funny! I found Chad's reaction hilarious. But you just gotta make these longer! Pretty please with chocolate sauce on top!

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