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for Curse of the Angel, Curse of the Chosen

5/8/2018 c3 2Relina16
please update soon this is really good
2/24/2016 c3 Guest
Lloyd: Just as planned, like a boss.
6/6/2014 c3 4Manga Girl Geek
Please update soon
2/5/2014 c3 moonwingtwo
oh this is great! make the next one soon please
1/19/2014 c3 4DreamFire6
That's it? SERIOUSLY?! Aw come on! I wanted to see Zelos' and Lloyd's reunion. Again, you guys are mean. That was well written thought. You guys really have some talent. But seriously, I wanted to see Zelos and Lloyd together!

Oh, and by the way, is there any truth in the story or did you make it all up. (Is there any parts in there that are actually from the game or no? Cause it would be mind-blowing if Kratos was Lloyd's dad. Which is weird to think about, actually.)
12/30/2013 c2 Dana1290
12/2/2013 c1 WOW
12/3/2013 c1 Kiomori
This story is really interesting! It's not often that I see a fic where Zelos and Lloyd are brothers.

I'll be looking forward to more of this, especially since the ToS section has been quiet lately.

Also, I'm a sucker for winged!Lloyd.
12/1/2013 c1 1k+Marina Ka-Fai
I just love your idea, Zelos as Lloyd's brother :)

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