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for Wail of the Banshee

10/8 c3 Lilianora
I really hope she doesn’t join the wards I could understand being affiliated with the PRT but joint them is a big no
9/28 c10 2Nagisa Tr
Imagine having vibrokinesis and not using it properly
9/14 c87 LordLewsTherin
This story was awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us!
9/5 c2 Cyan-Snake
"OMG I'M GOING TO THE BIRDCAGE FOR KILLING LUNG!" Christ. Taylor really is fucking stupid in this isn't she?
"I beat up Lung so I'm obviously a villain." OK. Already done with this story, can see why it dropped.
9/5 c1 Cyan-Snake
Alright. What the fuck. I know this story is dead, but still. Literal sound powers and she doesn't fully hear that they are NOT in fact killing kids? Literal sound powers and instead of just fucking sneaking around and spearing the guy in the head, she goes loud as fuck and drops in on the meeting? First chapter in and I can already tell this is a Taylor being an impulsive retard story.
8/2 c87 Sang28
Would love to see this finished but idk if your still writing
6/30 c87 Iryelb
Sucks that you got ganked by the fanfiction author serial killer cause I was really enjoying this story, despite not knowing anything about Warframe.
6/21 c8 babiloniaolimpo
Esto está lleno demasiado bien.
6/20 c3 babiloniaolimpo
Creo que decidieron ir por la mejor versión de Armsmaster
6/9 c35 3Ghost Angel14
Salad V...I still need to have my Valkyr rip and tear his hide.
5/31 c87 The Harrinator
What a chapter to end on. Like, damn.
5/24 c87 1Magos Halcyon
Holy shit. What a story.

Sad that it have apparently been abandoned without fanfare.
I do hope that it will one day be updated. Because such a great story as this, most certainly deserves a proper ending...
5/12 c87 Ronmr
Shame this ended. Was a great fic.
4/9 c52 Auroraboros
Holy shit that’s really clever and really fucked up. Dude just made Tinker Fugue into a ball and chain. I never would’ve thought of that but it makes so much sense. This story is consistently excellent, my man, thanks for writing it!
2/28 c87 34Zeromaru Chaos Mode
This was good. this was really good. and i really want more. fuck.
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