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for Wail of the Banshee

9/22 c87 Ashran31
Love it, tho its a dick move to leave it like this when there are more chapters out in the Sufficient Velocity thread
5/13 c22 God
fucking godly
4/26 c30 anonymous co
good fic now song suggestion for you to listen to
an istrumental of smoke on the water
why? you the author asks because why not
bu bu buuu bu bu bu buuuu bu bu buuuu bu buuuuuuuuu bu bu buuuu bu bu bubuuuu bu bu buuu bubuuuu bu bu buuuu bu bu bu buuuu bu bu buuu bubuuuuuu
i play minecraft every day
i play minecraft go *repeat*
2/14 c12 havoc396
im sorry did you just have Kid Win try to relate to taylor by saying he is bad at math and that makes him feel bad? here quick let me relate to the girl who has gone through at least a year of near constant psychological torture, and now is forced to join an organization that allowed the girl to be tortured to keep their hero happy, not saying its true but its what would be thought at a time like that) but wait let the tinker relate to her by way of BEING BAD AT MATH
12/27/2020 c53 ocomolinaehain
I really like the way you write salad v, it’s cool
12/26/2020 c39 ocomolinaehain
...well shit, red is a Valkyr like thing
12/1/2020 c87 1YeTianshi
Holy crap, just binged this fic in two days, and it was amazing. Shame it hasn't updated in years, but it was an awesome read anyway. Thanks :D
12/1/2020 c79 YeTianshi
I feel like things have gotten to the point where the PRT is completely willing to walk all over Taylor. I mean, back at the start Taylor would not stay in the Wards if SS didn't get punished, she got sent into a quarantine zone. But now? "Let's hire Taylor's former torturer, what's she gonna do anyway? Tattle?"
11/30/2020 c40 YeTianshi
I'm assuming that if Red is a Tenno, then she's Valkyr. Red, Claws, berserk rage. Fits Valkyr to a T.
11/30/2020 c42 YeTianshi
Hannah... Is this coincidence? I THINK NOT!
11/30/2020 c21 YeTianshi
The burden of being a genius Taylor. Most kids your age would have NEVER looked into something that deeply xD
11/30/2020 c14 YeTianshi
I do feel sorry for Taylor, and while I wouldn't call her a coward, I wouldn't call her brave either. Jumping into Lung on her first night? No matter the reason, it was a suicide job. She didn't know her limits, and her opponent was the dragon who fought Leviathan and went up against the BB Protectorate on his own.
She just doesn't value her life, it's not bravery. But I wouldn't call her backing down cowardice either, her options didn't really look good, to begin with, sometimes all we can choose is either a bad option or a worse one.
11/30/2020 c9 YeTianshi
Piggot's argument, test or not, has never made sense to me. It's not the first time I've heard it either. Like, what? What did she want Taylor to do? Supposedly let Lung slaughter kids? Hell, if she wants to get technical about it, it isn't Taylor's fault a gang war might start, but the Protectorate's. I mean sure, Taylor beat Lung in an effort to stop him from killing "kids", but she didn't arrest him, Armsmaster did.

If they were so anxious about a gang war, they could've just ignored the situation and let Lung sleep it off.
10/8/2020 c3 Lilianora
I really hope she doesn’t join the wards I could understand being affiliated with the PRT but joint them is a big no
9/28/2020 c10 Nagisa Tr
Imagine having vibrokinesis and not using it properly
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