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4/12 c7 Guest
the little joke.

Rath was unamused. "KHYBER SEASON!"

Khyber hit the Omnitrix located on Rath's chest. A green light revealed Ben's human form. Khyber chuckled.

"Ben season."

This is brilliant. I know you said you had trouble but it went from joking tone to fucking serious and badass in one millisecond. I love this contrast.

I also love the part of rook attending Ben's wounds went he finds him and the looking for his pulse part (thing that's totally real and has happened a lot of times /no need to worry for that/). Those two parts among with the description of Ben's fear is something I favorites this fic for. I will put it as a easy access link in my phone to read it again and not lose it. Thank you for writing good Ben ten fanfictions if you have more I'll read them

I would love more content about this, as Ben's mental health is a literal hell canonically and no one portrays it well, but I am not asking neither, write what makes you happy
6/10/2019 c5 4IrisPatton
1/19/2019 c7 19agbrown
I LOVED the entire thing! Honestly, how you wrote it was so much better than the actual episode! :-)
2/8/2018 c7 7NinjaSheik
Man, Rath's one of my favorite aliens! I wish I got to see him more in the chapter. This is definitely one of the best written chapters in the entire story! It was very action-packed, and I love how you put a dark twist to the events. It definitely makes for a much more interesting story. :D

In any case, the ending was bittersweet! Although Khyber escaped, Ben is safe and is back at Rook's side! I really loved reading this fic! I'm glad I finally got the chance to review it after so long. :)
2/8/2018 c6 NinjaSheik
YAY! :D Ben and Rook are reunited! :D I think you write Albedo's condescending personality really well! He's insulting Ben and Rook, but his lines are also funny. XD
2/8/2018 c5 NinjaSheik
I really do love this fic! You're great at making things suspenseful. I've read the story before, but it's always a treat to go back and red it. :) I really hate seeing Ben in agony, though! I can't you actually made Khyber shoot him! :O I know Ben lives and everything, but still! Ben needs to be protected at all cost!
2/8/2018 c4 NinjaSheik
POOR BEN! T _ T I hate seeing him get hurt! But Ben never gives up, so I know he'll be okay! :D
2/8/2018 c3 NinjaSheik
Nicely written chapter! I like longer written chapters since it has more details and introspection into Ben's thoughts and actions. I like you did a good job with Ben's wit. I don't have much of a sense of humor, either, so writing funny scenes are for me, too! XD
2/8/2018 c2 NinjaSheik
One of my favorite things about the series was Grandpa Max and Rook's relationship, too! Grandpa Max is like everyone's grandpa, and Rook respects him so much! :D I love seeing Rook worrying over Ben so much!
2/8/2018 c1 NinjaSheik
Very short opening, but very good! :D You did a great job writing the scene from the episode. The site's format seemed to have bunched these two lines together, though:

"Hey! That's Ditto's species!" said the fourth Ditto.
"Is it now?" Khyber sniggered. "Fancy that."

Just wanted to let you know, in case you wanted to fix it. :)
9/29/2016 c7 3Pikachu3'syou16
I love, loooooove this story! So many feels and thrilling experience! Just though I let you know how fantastic you wrote this and to thank u
Hope u have a wonderful day and I look forward to more of yr writing in the future
6/11/2016 c2 Guest
Northwesterner Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Utahraptor
17. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. Northwesterner Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor

Northwestern Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northwestern Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. Northwestern Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. Northwestern Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. Northwestern Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. Northwestern Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. Northwestern Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. Northwestern Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. Northwestern Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. Northwestern Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. Northwestern Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. Northwestern Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. Northwestern Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. Northwestern Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. Northwestern Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. Northwestern Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. Northwestern Arachnokiller Utahraptor
17. Northwestern Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. Northwestern Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor

Northwest Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northwest Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. Northwest Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. Northwest Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. Northwest Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. Northwest Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. Northwest Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. Northwest Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. Northwest Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. Northwest Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. Northwest Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. Northwest Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. Northwest Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. Northwest Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. Northwest Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. Northwest Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. Northwest Arachnokiller Utahraptor
17. Northwest Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. Northwest Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor

Northeasterner Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Utahraptor
17. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. Northeasterner Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor

Northeastern Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northeastern Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. Northeastern Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. Northeastern Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. Northeastern Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. Northeastern Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. Northeastern Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. Northeastern Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. Northeastern Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. Northeastern Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. Northeastern Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. Northeastern Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. Northeastern Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. Northeastern Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. Northeastern Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. Northeastern Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. Northeastern Arachnokiller Utahraptor
17. Northeastern Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. Northeastern Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor

Northeast Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northeast Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. Northeast Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. Northeast Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. Northeast Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. Northeast Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. Northeast Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. Northeast Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. Northeast Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. Northeast Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. Northeast Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. Northeast Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. Northeast Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. Northeast Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. Northeast Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. Northeast Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. Northeast Arachnokiller Utahraptor
17. Northeast Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. Northeast Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor

Northerner Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northerner Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. Northerner Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. Northerner Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. Northerner Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. Northerner Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. Northerner Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. Northerner Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. Northerner Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. Northerner Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. Northerner Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. Northerner Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. Northerner Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. Northerner Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. Northerner Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. Northerner Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. Northerner Arachnokiller Utahraptor
17. Northerner Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. Northerner Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor

Northern Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northern Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. Northern Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. Northern Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. Northern Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. Northern Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. Northern Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. Northern Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. Northern Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. Northern Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. Northern Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. Northern Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. Northern Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. Northern Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. Northern Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. Northern Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. Northern Arachnokiller Utahraptor
17. Northern Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. Northern Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor

North Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. North Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. North Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. North Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. North Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. North Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. North Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. North Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. North Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. North Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. North Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. North Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. North Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. North Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. North Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. North Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. North Arachnokiller Utahraptor
17. North Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. North Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor

Arachnokiller Dromaeosaurs:
1. Arachnokiller Lycaeraptor
2. Arachnokiller Acceraptor
3. Arachnokiller Airakoraptor
4. Arachnokiller Atrociraptor
5. Arachnokiller Pyroraptor
6. Arachnokiller Nykoraptor
7. Arachnokiller Smiloraptor
8. Arachnokiller Velociraptor
9. Arachnokiller Staurikoraptor
10. Arachnokiller Austroraptor
11. Arachnokiller Luanchuanraptor
12. Arachnokiller Baragonraptor
13. Arachnokiller Zuniraptor
14. Arachnokiller Gojiraraptor
15. Arachnokiller Herreraptor
16. Arachnokiller Arachnokiller
17. Arachnokiller Linheraptor
18. Arachnokiller Scimitoraptor
5/11/2016 c1 Guest
Hathor Kaiju Dromaeosaurs:
1. Hathor Kaiju Lycaeraptor
2. Hathor Kaiju Acceraptor
3. Hathor Kaiju Airakoraptor
4. Hathor Kaiju Atrociraptor
5. Hathor Kaiju Pyroraptor
6. Hathor Kaiju Nykoraptor
7. Hathor Kaiju Smiloraptor
8. Hathor Kaiju Velociraptor
9. Hathor Kaiju Staurikoraptor
10. Hathor Kaiju Austroraptor
11. Hathor Kaiju Luanchuanraptor
12. Hathor Kaiju Baragonraptor
13. Hathor Kaiju Zuniraptor
14. Hathor Kaiju Gojiraraptor
15. Hathor Kaiju Herreraptor
16. Hathor Kaiju Utahraptor
17. Hathor Kaiju Linheraptor
18. Hathor Kaiju Scimitoraptor

Hathor Gastrea Dromaeosaurs:
1. Hathor Gastrea Lycaeraptor
2. Hathor Gastrea Acceraptor
3. Hathor Gastrea Airakoraptor
4. Hathor Gastrea Atrociraptor
5. Hathor Gastrea Pyroraptor
6. Hathor Gastrea Nykoraptor
7. Hathor Gastrea Smiloraptor
8. Hathor Gastrea Velociraptor
9. Hathor Gastrea Staurikoraptor
10. Hathor Gastrea Austroraptor
11. Hathor Gastrea Luanchuanraptor
12. Hathor Gastrea Baragonraptor
13. Hathor Gastrea Zuniraptor
14. Hathor Gastrea Gojiraraptor
15. Hathor Gastrea Herreraptor
16. Hathor Gastrea Utahraptor
17. Hathor Gastrea Linheraptor
18. Hathor Gastrea Scimitoraptor

Hathor Forest Dromaeosaurs:
1. Hathor Forest Lycaeraptor
2. Hathor Forest Acceraptor
3. Hathor Forest Airakoraptor
4. Hathor Forest Atrociraptor
5. Hathor Forest Pyroraptor
6. Hathor Forest Nykoraptor
7. Hathor Forest Smiloraptor
8. Hathor Forest Velociraptor
9. Hathor Forest Staurikoraptor
10. Hathor Forest Austroraptor
11. Hathor Forest Luanchuanraptor
12. Hathor Forest Baragonraptor
13. Hathor Forest Zuniraptor
14. Hathor Forest Gojiraraptor
15. Hathor Forest Herreraptor
16. Hathor Forest Utahraptor
17. Hathor Forest Linheraptor
18. Hathor Forest Scimitoraptor

Hathor Mountain Dromaeosaurs:
1. Hathor Mountain Lycaeraptor
2. Hathor Mountain Acceraptor
3. Hathor Mountain Airakoraptor
4. Hathor Mountain Atrociraptor
5. Hathor Mountain Pyroraptor
6. Hathor Mountain Nykoraptor
7. Hathor Mountain Smiloraptor
8. Hathor Mountain Velociraptor
9. Hathor Mountain Staurikoraptor
10. Hathor Mountain Austroraptor
11. Hathor Mountain Luanchuanraptor
12. Hathor Mountain Baragonraptor
13. Hathor Mountain Zuniraptor
14. Hathor Mountain Gojiraraptor
15. Hathor Mountain Herreraptor
16. Hathor Mountain Utahraptor
17. Hathor Mountain Linheraptor
18. Hathor Mountain Scimitoraptor

Hathor Wild Dromaeosaurs:
1. Hathor Wild Lycaeraptor
2. Hathor Wild Acceraptor
3. Hathor Wild Airakoraptor
4. Hathor Wild Atrociraptor
5. Hathor Wild Pyroraptor
6. Hathor Wild Nykoraptor
7. Hathor Wild Smiloraptor
8. Hathor Wild Velociraptor
9. Hathor Wild Staurikoraptor
10. Hathor Wild Austroraptor
11. Hathor Wild Luanchuanraptor
12. Hathor Wild Baragonraptor
13. Hathor Wild Zuniraptor
14. Hathor Wild Gojiraraptor
15. Hathor Wild Herreraptor
16. Hathor Wild Utahraptor
17. Hathor Wild Linheraptor
18. Hathor Wild Scimitoraptor

Hathor Devil Dromaeosaurs:
1. Hathor Devil Lycaeraptor
2. Hathor Devil Acceraptor
3. Hathor Devil Airakoraptor
4. Hathor Devil Atrociraptor
5. Hathor Devil Pyroraptor
6. Hathor Devil Nykoraptor
7. Hathor Devil Smiloraptor
8. Hathor Devil Velociraptor
9. Hathor Devil Staurikoraptor
10. Hathor Devil Austroraptor
11. Hathor Devil Luanchuanraptor
12. Hathor Devil Baragonraptor
13. Hathor Devil Zuniraptor
14. Hathor Devil Gojiraraptor
15. Hathor Devil Herreraptor
16. Hathor Devil Utahraptor
17. Hathor Devil Linheraptor
18. Hathor Devil Scimitoraptor

Hathor Grimm Dromaeosaurs:
1. Hathor Grimm Lycaeraptor
2. Hathor Grimm Acceraptor
3. Hathor Grimm Airakoraptor
4. Hathor Grimm Atrociraptor
5. Hathor Grimm Pyroraptor
6. Hathor Grimm Nykoraptor
7. Hathor Grimm Smiloraptor
8. Hathor Grimm Velociraptor
9. Hathor Grimm Staurikoraptor
10. Hathor Grimm Austroraptor
11. Hathor Grimm Luanchuanraptor
12. Hathor Grimm Baragonraptor
13. Hathor Grimm Zuniraptor
14. Hathor Grimm Gojiraraptor
15. Hathor Grimm Herreraptor
16. Hathor Grimm Utahraptor
17. Hathor Grimm Linheraptor
18. Hathor Grimm Scimitoraptor
5/11/2016 c1 Guest
Southwest Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Southwest Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Southwest Hathor Acceraptor
3. Southwest Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Southwest Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Southwest Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Southwest Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Southwest Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Southwest Hathor Velociraptor
9. Southwest Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Southwest Hathor Austroraptor
11. Southwest Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Southwest Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Southwest Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Southwest Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Southwest Hathor Herreraptor
16. Southwest Hathor Utahraptor
17. Southwest Hathor Linheraptor
18. Southwest Hathor Scimitoraptor

Southeast Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Southeast Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Southeast Hathor Acceraptor
3. Southeast Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Southeast Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Southeast Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Southeast Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Southeast Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Southeast Hathor Velociraptor
9. Southeast Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Southeast Hathor Austroraptor
11. Southeast Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Southeast Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Southeast Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Southeast Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Southeast Hathor Herreraptor
16. Southeast Hathor Utahraptor
17. Southeast Hathor Linheraptor
18. Southeast Hathor Scimitoraptor
5/11/2016 c1 Guest
Northwest Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northwest Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Northwest Hathor Acceraptor
3. Northwest Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Northwest Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Northwest Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Northwest Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Northwest Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Northwest Hathor Velociraptor
9. Northwest Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Northwest Hathor Austroraptor
11. Northwest Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Northwest Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Northwest Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Northwest Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Northwest Hathor Herreraptor
16. Northwest Hathor Utahraptor
17. Northwest Hathor Linheraptor
18. Northwest Hathor Scimitoraptor

Northeast Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northeast Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Northeast Hathor Acceraptor
3. Northeast Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Northeast Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Northeast Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Northeast Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Northeast Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Northeast Hathor Velociraptor
9. Northeast Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Northeast Hathor Austroraptor
11. Northeast Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Northeast Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Northeast Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Northeast Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Northeast Hathor Herreraptor
16. Northeast Hathor Utahraptor
17. Northeast Hathor Linheraptor
18. Northeast Hathor Scimitoraptor

East Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. East Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. East Hathor Acceraptor
3. East Hathor Airakoraptor
4. East Hathor Atrociraptor
5. East Hathor Pyroraptor
6. East Hathor Nykoraptor
7. East Hathor Smiloraptor
8. East Hathor Velociraptor
9. East Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. East Hathor Austroraptor
11. East Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. East Hathor Baragonraptor
13. East Hathor Zuniraptor
14. East Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. East Hathor Herreraptor
16. East Hathor Utahraptor
17. East Hathor Linheraptor
18. East Hathor Scimitoraptor

Western Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Western Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Western Hathor Acceraptor
3. Western Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Western Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Western Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Western Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Western Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Western Hathor Velociraptor
9. Western Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Western Hathor Austroraptor
11. Western Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Western Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Western Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Western Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Western Hathor Herreraptor
16. Western Hathor Utahraptor
17. Western Hathor Linheraptor
18. Western Hathor Scimitoraptor

Eastern Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Eastern Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Eastern Hathor Acceraptor
3. Eastern Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Eastern Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Eastern Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Eastern Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Eastern Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Eastern Hathor Velociraptor
9. Eastern Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Eastern Hathor Austroraptor
11. Eastern Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Eastern Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Eastern Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Eastern Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Eastern Hathor Herreraptor
16. Eastern Hathor Utahraptor
17. Eastern Hathor Linheraptor
18. Eastern Hathor Scimitoraptor
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