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4/26/2016 c1 Guest
Southwestern Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Southwestern Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Southwestern Hathor Acceraptor
3. Southwestern Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Southwestern Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Southwestern Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Southwestern Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Southwestern Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Southwestern Hathor Velociraptor
9. Southwestern Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Southwestern Hathor Austroraptor
11. Southwestern Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Southwestern Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Southwestern Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Southwestern Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Southwestern Hathor Herreraptor
16. Southwestern Hathor Utahraptor
17. Southwestern Hathor Linheraptor
18. Southwestern Hathor Scimitoraptor

Southeastern Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Southeastern Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Southeastern Hathor Acceraptor
3. Southeastern Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Southeastern Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Southeastern Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Southeastern Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Southeastern Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Southeastern Hathor Velociraptor
9. Southeastern Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Southeastern Hathor Austroraptor
11. Southeastern Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Southeastern Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Southeastern Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Southeastern Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Southeastern Hathor Herreraptor
16. Southeastern Hathor Utahraptor
17. Southeastern Hathor Linheraptor
18. Southeastern Hathor Scimitoraptor

Southern Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Southern Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Southern Hathor Acceraptor
3. Southern Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Southern Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Southern Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Southern Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Southern Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Southern Hathor Velociraptor
9. Southern Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Southern Hathor Austroraptor
11. Southern Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Southern Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Southern Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Southern Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Southern Hathor Herreraptor
16. Southern Hathor Utahraptor
17. Southern Hathor Linheraptor
18. Southern Hathor Scimitoraptor

South Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. South Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. South Hathor Acceraptor
3. South Hathor Airakoraptor
4. South Hathor Atrociraptor
5. South Hathor Pyroraptor
6. South Hathor Nykoraptor
7. South Hathor Smiloraptor
8. South Hathor Velociraptor
9. South Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. South Hathor Austroraptor
11. South Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. South Hathor Baragonraptor
13. South Hathor Zuniraptor
14. South Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. South Hathor Herreraptor
16. South Hathor Utahraptor
17. South Hathor Linheraptor
18. South Hathor Scimitoraptor
4/25/2016 c1 Guest
Northwestern Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northwestern Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Northwestern Hathor Acceraptor
3. Northwestern Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Northwestern Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Northwestern Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Northwestern Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Northwestern Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Northwestern Hathor Velociraptor
9. Northwestern Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Northwestern Hathor Austroraptor
11. Northwestern Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Northwestern Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Northwestern Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Northwestern Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Northwestern Hathor Herreraptor
16. Northwestern Hathor Utahraptor
17. Northwestern Hathor Linheraptor
18. Northwestern Hathor Scimitoraptor

Northeastern Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northeastern Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Northeastern Hathor Acceraptor
3. Northeastern Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Northeastern Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Northeastern Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Northeastern Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Northeastern Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Northeastern Hathor Velociraptor
9. Northeastern Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Northeastern Hathor Austroraptor
11. Northeastern Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Northeastern Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Northeastern Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Northeastern Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Northeastern Hathor Herreraptor
16. Northeastern Hathor Utahraptor
17. Northeastern Hathor Linheraptor
18. Northeastern Hathor Scimitoraptor

Northern Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Northern Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Northern Hathor Acceraptor
3. Northern Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Northern Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Northern Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Northern Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Northern Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Northern Hathor Velociraptor
9. Northern Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Northern Hathor Austroraptor
11. Northern Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Northern Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Northern Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Northern Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Northern Hathor Herreraptor
16. Northern Hathor Utahraptor
17. Northern Hathor Linheraptor
18. Northern Hathor Scimitoraptor

North Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. North Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. North Hathor Acceraptor
3. North Hathor Airakoraptor
4. North Hathor Atrociraptor
5. North Hathor Pyroraptor
6. North Hathor Nykoraptor
7. North Hathor Smiloraptor
8. North Hathor Velociraptor
9. North Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. North Hathor Austroraptor
11. North Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. North Hathor Baragonraptor
13. North Hathor Zuniraptor
14. North Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. North Hathor Herreraptor
16. North Hathor Utahraptor
17. North Hathor Linheraptor
18. North Hathor Scimitoraptor

Hathor Dromaeosaurs:
1. Hathor Lycaeraptor
2. Hathor Acceraptor
3. Hathor Airakoraptor
4. Hathor Atrociraptor
5. Hathor Pyroraptor
6. Hathor Nykoraptor
7. Hathor Smiloraptor
8. Hathor Velociraptor
9. Hathor Staurikoraptor
10. Hathor Austroraptor
11. Hathor Luanchuanraptor
12. Hathor Baragonraptor
13. Hathor Zuniraptor
14. Hathor Gojiraraptor
15. Hathor Herreraptor
16. Hathor Utahraptor
17. Hathor Linheraptor
18. Hathor Scimitoraptor
3/24/2015 c7 23MugetsuPipefox
This was a really good alternate take on that episode! I think - based on all the series before Omniverse - the Omnitrix can be manipulated (accessed and/or deactivated) by an external force, so you're good in that department (we'll just roll with it XD).
I really liked the Rath/Khyber/Ben season bit; I don't think it took away from the atmosphere :3
Haha I was partially forgetting about Azmuth, too. Every now and then I'd be like 'oh, what happened to Azmuth?' and then he'd pop up again XD
Pulses in the wrist can be really hard to find; to this day I can't find mine ;
I remember in one episode he just calls him Kevin, but it's not really a big deal
In all, this was really great!
11/16/2014 c7 Guest
I loved this story it was amazing! It really reminded me of Big Hero 6 the movie, which fun fact was created by the same people who created Ben 10, if you haven't seen that movie you should but anyway this story was soooo good!
5/11/2014 c7 dammitwut
this was absolutely perfect :D
1/2/2014 c7 1simple.chances
yes, out side sources can effect the omnitrix, its happened a lot (but its usually very subtle) and im 90% sure rook refers to most people and aliens the same way ben does (unless theyre higher ranking, family, ect.) he calls gwen and kevin by their given names, and like other main characters he sometimes refers to general aliens species whatever name ben came up with for that transformation. like upchuck, im pretty sure he called the species 'upchucks' once.

just so you know, i feel just about everything is perfect.
1/2/2014 c6 simple.chances
im not gonna lie, this chapter made me laugh a lot (the dialog felt really sassy)
12/30/2013 c7 2Gap Between the Lines
Loved it.

... There's not really much else to say, except for you to keep writing awesome BrookEN fanfics. And that I especially liked the ending- Ben Dude is obviously a pet name. And the fist bump -happiness- :)
12/29/2013 c7 50Magiccatprincess
A very nice ending! I like BRooken, but I LOVE their bromance way more so this story was perfect. You took an already awesome episode and made it beter by adding angst and drama! I loved it! I like how close you stayed with canon. Your characterzitons were spot on!

Will you be writing more stories like this one?
12/28/2013 c6 64Kira Sema
... You just had to end it there? Not cool man. Not cool. .-. Ugh... well awesome story! :D I loved every minute of it. It was nice being here till the end. :)
12/27/2013 c6 50Magiccatprincess
This is so awesome! I love Ben and Rook BROmance!
12/27/2013 c6 12Animegirl426
great work!
12/27/2013 c6 1Lauri3n
This is great!
12/26/2013 c5 Lauri3n
This is great!
12/23/2013 c5 Guest
Aaaaaaaahh. That was beautiful
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