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2/5/2015 c5 2FalconRukichi
Tilia! Its stopped not even Arthur met Gwen again!owh. Pleas xome back again...
3/23/2014 c1 Guest
TiliaOfAnkh, you're putting the wrong people together in the summary since right now it's Merlin and Gwen together while Arthur and Freya are a couple.
1/13/2014 c5 A Fellow Reader
Awwww! Bring on the fluff! :) I love Arwen & Freylin in the modern world and I think you're doing it perfectly! I can imagine..lovesick Arthur.. And I love that scene where Arthur meets Gwen and instantly wants to ask her to go out with him! So sweet. :3

Now that I'm done fawning over your story, just wanted to say I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter. The story's very well-written and perfectly captures the personalities of the characters. Update Soon!

PS. I have an idea- since Arthur and Merlin are friends, and Gwen and Freya are friends, they could go on a double date together?
1/12/2014 c5 Guest
Loved this chapter. Can't wait to find out why Gwen left nursing. Update soon.
1/11/2014 c5 Aan
Instead of daydreaming about Gwen he should ask her out...Nice chapter.
1/11/2014 c5 larasmith
What kind of illness does Gwen's father have which has caused her to not follow her dream of continuing to be a nurse? Is it a terminal disease? Why didn't her father dissuade her from giving up nursing? She couldn't be earning more income as a waitress. When will Gwen decide to return to pursuing her career?

Wonder if Arthur will wish to befriend Freya so he could become more acquainted with Gwen? Will Merlin confide in Freya about Arthur's romantic interest in her friend? Will Freya play matchmaker and bring ARWEN together?

Will there be any excitement soon in ARWEN's lives such as a robbery or murder case in Gwen's diner which will further spark the fires of passion that are already building between them?
1/11/2014 c5 13PenStarkDixon
Awww such a good chapter! I love love struck distracted Arthur he is so cute! I love this story can't wait for more Arwen together! Love it!
1/8/2014 c4 PenStarkDixon
Aww fraylin so cute. I like them but love Arwen better, however I love how he came to her rescue like that and aww I love this story. Can't wait to read more of Arwen! Oh is Vivian going to try and take Gwen's man? Cant wait!
1/8/2014 c3 PenStarkDixon
Awww that was a cute meeting so so cute I can't wait for more! Love Arwen!
1/8/2014 c2 PenStarkDixon
Hmmm...is it going to be Arthur? Or like Lancelot? Or Merlin? I don't know I have to find out lol!
1/8/2014 c1 PenStarkDixon
Aww this looks like a cute beginning :) I like it! Although I have to ask, about how old are your characters? Just curious...
Looking forward to more though
1/5/2014 c4 ABVM
Read all 4 chapters and enjoyed them.
1/5/2014 c4 8SilverMoonrise
Hey...I'm back...
Mwahaha - all my chapters are cliff hangers! :D
Camelot Hospital, ey? Trust me, there have been worse uncreative names...like in the book a wrote... the magicians who practise ice magic are called ... *drum roll* ICE MAGAICIANS! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!

XD jeez, I need to rediscover that book...it's buried somewhere in the deep recesses of my hard drive...

And it most definatly woudn't be you if they didn't date :D I'll be expecting a whole dramatic scene! Or a simple question and extatic answer :G your pick.

I'll be baaack!
12/15/2013 c4 Guest
Need more Arthur/ Gwen please. Love Freylin too but A/G are the best.
12/15/2013 c3 Guest
I'm really surprised Vivan didn't go after him.
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