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for Key of the Heart

9/14/2014 c10 Scarlet
9/15/2014 c10 9Sweet-icy
Another great chapter from the one and only CeCe-chan! \()/
8/3/2014 c9 Sweet-icy
THE NALU! I died TT it's so beautiful!
5/29/2014 c8 Sweet-icy
NATSU NOOOO BBY PLEASE BE FINE! YES YOU ARE EVIL! and you have track? that's cool! :D'
thank you for updating too! it's like I just saw a slice of heaven! :)
5/29/2014 c8 KuroFairyChan
Hahahahaha! DIE NATSU! Sorry guys, im not a Natsu fan, more of a Zeref fan over here..plse continue!
5/8/2014 c7 Sweet-icy
EEEK! you have to continue it it's an awesome action story mixed in with romance and there just like the real fairy tail! you capture their characters well. please continue! XD
1/22/2014 c7 Ai dragneel
'You ready?' She said.
"YES i'M READY! For the next chapters!"
I want to know what will happen in their fight!
Who will win? #SLAP-Of course Team Natsu you fool!

Well, ganbatte nee, CeCe san!
1/21/2014 c7 Aisu Tamshii
I like this story its amazing updated soon
1/6/2014 c4 Ella Daniels
Hey! I just wanted to say a few things. First off, I think you're doing a great job with this story! It's really entertaining. And I was beginning to wonder where Natsu was and was beginning to think you just forgot about him but thankfully, him being missing was part of the story.
Second of all, though I think you are doing a wonderful job, I also find that, every time you have Wendy address Lucy as "Lucy-can", it is a little annoying. Not that Wendy wouldn't address Lucy with an honorific, but its supposed to be "Lucy-san" to address both genders formally , "Lucy-chan" to address girls who you are more friendly with (like how Levy addresses Lucy as Lu-chan for a nickname). And its "Kun" for guys you are more familliar with (like when Juvia addresses Gajeel as Gajeel-kun). All though it can get a bit messy when addressing siblings or people you're making fun of -like how Lissanna would sometimes address her older brother as "Elf-ni-chan"- it depends on the relationship.
I mean, I don't know if you are saying Lucy-can for a reason or not, but I figured you might want to know.
Anyways, great job!
And Happy Writing! \(_)/
1/6/2014 c5 9CeCe92399
hope to have chapter 6 soon. working on it right now. :)
1/2/2014 c4 KuroFairyChan
Awwwwweeee! Chambi seems soo cute! I wuv emo people! Plse continue!
12/4/2013 c2 Sakamaki Hikaru
it's a good story
hope for the new chapter soon

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