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6/23/2018 c1 Guest
Nice start only make sure you kept in tenses
6/14/2014 c14 Jenny-4
Liked it.
6/14/2014 c13 Jenny-4
I like these two becoming friends.
6/14/2014 c12 Jenny-4
I'm interested to see where this goes.
6/14/2014 c11 Jenny-4
This is a good cliff hanger.
6/14/2014 c10 Jenny-4
I hope she doesn't stay bad.
6/13/2014 c9 Jenny-4
Good descriptions.
6/13/2014 c8 Guest
That sucks that Luke dies!
6/13/2014 c7 Jenny-4
6/13/2014 c6 Jenny-4
6/13/2014 c5 Jenny-4
Awesome backstory.
6/13/2014 c4 Jenny-4
Omg what an awesome twist. Luke is her brother. Love this story!
6/13/2014 c3 Jenny-4
Good stuff! I thought Luke was bad.
6/13/2014 c2 Jenny-4
I'm a fan for sure. This is great!
6/13/2014 c1 Jenny-4
This was great! It grabbed my attention fast! Can't wait to keep reading.
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